Tuesday, 28 October 2008


The British Government has decided that rather than spend a few million £'s to provide more dentists and oral hygiene education, it will instead spend hundreds of millions of £'s of our taxes on adding fluoride to our drinking water. Once upon a time it was believed that fluoride would protect teeth but that was long ago and recent research has shown that not only does it not give significant protection to teeth but rather damages them. To make matters much worse, research from the USA, Canada, India and China has found fluoride to be implicated in a wide variety of dangerous and even deadly side effects and chronic illnesses.
This blog is intended to be a central point at which members of all anti-fluoride and fluoridation groups and individuals whether locally, regionally, Nationally, or Internationally can meet, post ideas and share and debate information. As it develops it is hoped to be a portal to all aligned groups and organisations and provide links and addresses. Sometimes when you are trying to fight pernicious chemicals and their promoters you may begin to feel isolated and ineffective, but blogs like this can remind you that there are thousands of people out there who share your concerns. The Truth is out there and here we can share it.
Friends of the Earth have set up an email list of Fluoride Campaigns and Campaigners, which sends out regular news and blog updates to subscribers from the UK and around the World, If you subscribe to the list, you can also add your own news and updates which all will then receive. As well as Friends of the Earth campaigners and groups, there are also subscribers from the organisations listed in the links section. All are welcome.
To Join, simply send an email to and you will be added. Your details will not be shared with any outsiders without your consent.