Monday, 8 February 2010


Fresh Water, a Dwindling Resource

The World including our own little island, is now running short of clean drinking water due to growing population and profligate use. Remaining surface and ground water resources are also increasingly polluted from a wide variety of sources, be they industrial, agricultural or domestic. Many modern and commonly used chemicals are virtually impossible or at least prohibitively expensive to remove once they have contaminated our water and although the amounts remaining after treatment and filtration may seem small, their scope must be a matter of growing concern. There are now a vast array of contaminants. Very many of them have not received any long term testing whether in exclusion or in combination and many of these have not been tested at all. The effects of this toxic cocktail upon humans and wildlife are little known. We do know however that there are many carcinogens and mutagens amongst them which we should not be ingesting at all.
The only sane approach to protect our fresh water resources and our health therefore must be to employ the precautionary principle and whenever possible restrict and control usage and disposal of potentially dangerous substances.

Fluoride in its many forms has been around longer than most chemicals in common usage but amazingly despite much hype on its "safeness and effectiveness" has never been properly tested and such research that has been carried out has caused increasing concern amongstenvironmentalists, toxicologists and epidemiologists. In view of all this, it beggars belief that we have a government, which not only ignores all the latest research and as usual, the advice of its own expert scientists but then replaces democracy, debate, consultation, science, and reason with compulsion, by giving the unelected and arguably incompetent SHAs and PCTs decision making powers above and beyond all local decision making.
In the last year there has been much debate and anger among the public about how out of touch our Elected Members or whatever party have become with the real world and their electorate. Even when found out in their borderline legal expenses claims they still wriggle and whinge. Pulling all the above together, I can think of no more glaring example of this failure in competence, trust and democracy than their desire to impose compulsory mass medication on the public by fluoridation of the water supply. Even the most out of touch MP cannot truly be unaware of the impending environmental crisis and that the UK is not somehow immune from this. Pollution comes in many forms, not just CO2 emissions but only the very most stupid and ignorant of governments could respond to the growing crisis of shrinking drinking water resources by not only advocating compulsory pollution of these resources with fluoride but also using it as political football and compounding their dishonesty by fiddling and rejecting their own experts advice in favour of junk science, out of date by several decades, and high-handed bullying .
Just as MPs of all parties have fiddled with their expenses claims we have current low calibre Government Ministers such as Home Secretary Johnson and Health Minister Andy Burnham(sic) who have fiddled the evidence on fluoride to support their quackery and for why? Put simply, to further their shabby short term political goals and justify and disguise their stupidity. Fortunately the public are wising up to their duplicity and rejecting their campaign goals as selfish, unworkable and undemocratic. The public don't want fluoridation and even its advocates often change their mind when confronted by reliable facts and figures.. In countless surveys and polls across the UK, they have soundly rejected water fluoridation in favour of better education and dentistry services, the latter of which have suffered badly under the current regime. Thanks to the coming General and Local Elections, we now have the chance to lobby and vet the candidates of all parties and give the boot to those who persist in meddling with and damaging our health services and our democracy. Confront your candidates and ask them whether they support this nonesense before you make any decisions or choices. Say No To Fluoride and Fluoridation and say it loud.