Friday, 4 May 2012


I can see some of the arguments about water metering helping to save water but water is rather expensive when metered. It may be ok for those on a decent income but for people on benefits and pensions their income is generally inflexibly low and they may need to skimp on usage which can result in health risks. If you really want to save some water why not use a bucket of grey water from your bath to flush the toilet. Another issus is the growing threat from so called "smart meters" ~These use a system of constantly updated pulse generated radio signals similar to mobile phones but although you can turn off your cell and radio phones, you wont be able to do this with smart meters and the health issues associated with them are not fully understood. If they can do it for water meters, they are bound to want to use this system on electric and gas meters as well resulted in a constant bombardment from your meters and those of your neighbours. We must be give the right to opt in to thses systems and not be compelled. My message is simple no compulsion with smart meters and use less water. more info here