Saturday, 17 January 2009


Anna Bligh the well known fluoride poisoner and two other Ministers in her Queensland government are either being maliciously misquoted or are clearly insane. If the following report is to be believed. According to a GreenDay Media exclusive report forwarded by a Google Alert. " The Bligh Government is To Consider More Medications In Tap Water - including Chemicals To Fight Depression, Headaches And Obesity. What follows could easily be a hoax but as she has undoubtedly already made many enemiesi i would welcome any verification i can get from Australia. If any of this is true however, i cannot think of anything i have read which is more chilling since the speeches of Hitler leading up to World War II.

"A Government source has revealed that Anna Bligh has been approached by leading chemical companies eager to add ‘community benefits’ to tap water.The Government has expressed interest in ‘tap water therapies’, and recently added fluoride to Brisbane region’s
water supply to fight tooth decay.

Bligh has become an ‘instant celebrity’ in the eyes of the drug and chemical companies,’ a spokesman for ChemWatch reported. ‘Manufacturers see tap water as a great profit stream, and are seeking Government approval for at least 15 more additives.’

‘We are interested in the health and welfare of the community, and we’ll consider these additives as they are presented to us,’ Bligh said. "We believe that besides tooth decay, there are a number of health issues we can help the public overcome. We know most people are lazy, they are uneducated, and they are a burden on the hospital system, so we believe we have a mandate to protect them by whatever means we have at our disposal.
’Despite warnings from scientists worldwide, and evidence that fluoride was a poison, Bligh was adamant. ‘I don’t care what the scientists say. My reports are all I need. I don’t care about community protests, and meetings, and all those letters and complaints I receive.
My job is to work with the chemical companies, to deliver medications, whether people like it or not. If people don’t like it, they can go live in Fiji.’
Our agenda is part of the global push to fight obesity, depression, anxiety, headaches, chronic fatigue and even cancer with tap water therapy. We have fluoride, and we can do a lot more given the research I have seen.’ Bligh added.
I hope for all our sakes that this is a hoax but in the meantime, I advise anyone encountering a deranged woman foaming at the mouth to avoid all contact and notify the police and veterinary authorities immediately. Do not have a go!

The new Anglers' Trust -- Are they Awake to Fluoride Dangers?

According to a Guardian report by John Vidal and Graham Mole on Wednesday 14 January. Six fishing groups have joined forces to become the new Anglers Trust. This could make them one of the biggest conservation bodies in Europe, with the political muscle to rival the National Trust, the RSPB and Friends of the Earth.

They hope to sign up one in five of Britains 2.7m regular anglers, who are divided more or less equally between sea and inland water fishing enthusiasts. Mark Lloyd, chief executive of the new organisation said, "Anglers are not the usual woolly liberals you get in the WWF or the National Trust. They range across urban and rural areas and comprise both working and upper class members. Together they are very powerful,"

They are very concerned about declining fish stocks, river pollution, and industrial developments for, as they say, there's little point fishing if there's no fish, so half the work will be campaigning. The new organisation will be able to represent all anglers much more efficiently and effectively at national and international level, something which the the small angling groups could not do.

The trust which includes coarse, game and river anglers is expected to lobby government and corporations reverse the damage caused by over-fishing, and sand and gravel extraction, and to prosecute polluters and reduce the volume of water taken from rivers. They also plan to campaign to stop farmed fish escaping into the wild. Anglers have long been regarded as the eyes and ears of the water environment: alerting the authorities about damage to British waters and frequently prosecuting polluters.

I for one hope that they will also turn their attention to the prospect of water fluoridation which the British Government is insanely pushing on an unwilling public. Perhaps when they realise that 97% of all fluoridated water will not even touch people or their teeth at all, will be discharged immediately into our river system from our drains via the sewage treatment plants.

Research in the USA discovered that fluoride levels in river water as low as 0.21 parts per million could stop Salmon spawning but water fluoridation entails levels of 1.0 parts per million plus, not including fluoride pollution from industry and other agricultureal food sources. Some foods especially teas, contain rather high levels of fluoride as do crops sprayed with pesticides and many processed foods. Add to this tens of thousands of tonnes of the toxic waste known as hedafluorsilicic acid which water fluoridation will entail, we should not be surprised to see the hard work of the Environment Agency and the Anglers pressure groups thrown into reverse.

Anglers are not alone when it comes to facing a major threat from fluoridation. Any organic food grower who relies on river water for irrigation is also in for a nasty shock when they find their produce is no longer fit for accreditation by the Soil Association who are also concerned by the threat the fluoridation poses. and not attractive to members of the public looking for chemical free food.

Sunday, 11 January 2009


The British Fluoridation Society (BFS) not content with poisoning our water supplies, are now trying to poison or damage our freedom of speech. They have got a real strop on about pictures of teeth damaged by dental fluorosis on UKCAF handouts, one of which you can see on this blog. The pictures show what is described as "moderate fluorosis" a condition common in many fluoridated parts of the world and also in places where fluoride occurs naturally. Texas USA and India come immediately to mind. The BFS clearly dont like the idea that this embarassing and disfiguring condition can occur in childrens' teeth if fluoride is added to our water supplies. The Governments own York Review and Hampshires' Water Fluoridation Panel agree on this. The pictures in question are graphic evidence of what children may expect as a result.
The BFS are so furious about this that they have referred the hand outs to the Advertising Standards Authority although personally I cannot actually see why the ASA should be involved at all. After all, UKCAF are not selling anything and one would think that News or Opinion or Fair Comment would not be within the ASAs remit. I have seen other pictures from various places which show teeth in even worse conditions than those on the UKCAF hand outs and they are far from pretty.
One could be forgiven for thinking that the UK Councils Against Fluoride would themselves be at least irritated by this but on the contrary, they are delighted. As UKCAF puts it, "At last the BFS is being forced to justify its obstinate rejection of internationally accepted scientific evidence in a public forum. We will be posting both sides' arguments here as this long-awaited confrontation develops - so watch this space!
Perhaps we will at last see the BFS produce some up to date evidence that fluoride really is "safe and effective" or even just effective at all. Sadly the BFS like the British Dental Association and the American Dental Association often make these sweeping statements, but generally factual scientific data which actually justifies fluoride or water fluoridation is about as common as fairy turds.
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