Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Hampshire Against Fluoridation News Letter.

Today I am pleased to turn over my Blog to the good folk at Hampshire Against Fluoridation and print their latest newsletter in full. It says precisely what needs to be said and with which I concur completely.

Speaker: Dr Peter Mansfield

Dr Mansfield has researched the effects of water fluoridation on health for many years. He was a member of the research review group for the York Review on water fluoridation. If you would like to learn more about the issues concerning fluoridation of drinking water, come to this public meeting where you can listen to one of the UK's leading authorities on fluoridation, ask questions, pick up leaflets and talk to local campaigners. The public meeting will be followed by Hampshire Against Fluoridation's Annual General Meeting.
All Welcome Free of Charge

Date: Saturday 31st January 2009

Time: 2pm - 4pm

Place: Friends Meeting House1a,

Ordnance Road

Southampton SO15 2AZ

For more information contact Hampshire Against Fluoridation

Tel: 02380 493776 or 02392 463761

Those responsible for introducing fluoridation if the scheme goes ahead.

It is obvious from the monetary, practical and moral support we have received from the public and the letters published in the Echo that overwhelmingly, Southampton does not want fluoridation. If the decision is made to implement fluoridation then only one group of people is responsible - the Southern Central SHA Board.A record of the way they vote should be kept so that if in the future circumstances prove that the objections raised against fluoridation are valid whether locally or internationally then these are the people who are responsible for any harm done.

The Board: NHS South Central, Rivergate House, Newbury Business Park, Newbury, RG14 2PZ

Dr Geoffrey Harris - Chairman

Jim Easton - Chief Executive

Chris Evennett - Director of Strategy and Reform

Katherine Fenton - Director of Clinical Standards

Olga Senior - Director of Communications & Corporate Affairs

Ben Lloyd - Director of Finance and Investment

Prof. John Newton Regional Director of Public Health

Terry Butler CBE

Alyson Coates .

Joe McLoone

Chris Le Fevre

Martin Howell

Who else is responsible for the never ending push for fluoridation in recent years? Number one is:

Andy Burnham, Leigh's Labour MP filed an early day motion calling for the fluoridation of water. He said "My message is blunt: it is time to stop a vocal, letter-writing minority standing in the way of a progressive change that will benefit millions of people in Britain, especially in our most deprived communities." "I suggest that the tiny minority of the population who do care are well off enough to afford Evian."

Mr. John Denham MP for Southampton who at the time was the Minister of State, Department of Health said in a speech in Parliament "The evidence shows that fluoridation of the water supply to the optimum level of one part per million can reduce the amount of tooth decay in children from similar backgrounds by one third to a half" "There is currently evidence of just one minor, cosmetic side effect of fluoridation--dental fluorosis, or slight tooth mottling. Where water is fluoridated at the optimal level of one part per million and parents follow the instructions on fluoridated toothpaste to ensure that children do not swallow excessive amounts, that is seldom noticeable. The teeth are still endowed with extra resistance. If someone is concerned about the cosmetic effect, dentists have several remedies. Often a satisfactory outcome can be achieved by the dentist who polishes the teeth"

Alan Whitehead MP blindly follows the government line "Be assured that government policy on the matter will follow only what the most up-to-date scientific research indicates is permissible".