Thursday, 3 December 2009


Its 25 years since the Bhopal disaster killed 4,000 people in the first day where they lived and worked. . The death toll ultimately stood at over 9,000 within three years. The survivors'children are being born with terrible disabilities. One 22 year old is only the size of a ten year old. Despite orders from the Supreme Court for removal of all waste from the site, the ruin still stands and well water contaminated by the site hss levels tens of thousands of times the safe level of carbon tetrachloride which is known to damage the kidneys and cause cancer.
Thousands of people are still affected or afflicted by this monstrosity yet amazingly no one has been successfully prosecuted for what happened. There have been demos, marches, and countless calls for resignations of leading figures involved directly or indirectly with the disaster but to no avail. The Bhopal disaster is a terrible example of how super rich western companies operating in the third world can literally walk away from any problems they cause leaving the shit behind them. To call Union Carbide a disgusting nest of scumbags is to be charitable. If there is such a place as hell, i feel pretty sure they are headed for it.
For those who think I have exaggerated the scale and repercussions of the disaster, why not Google Bhopal Disaster and you will be amazed and appalled by what you read. A good start would be to visit this site.

Monday, 30 November 2009


Our stupid Government who always thinks it knows best and listens to nobody unless there is money it in for them initiated the "Voluntary" ID Card scheme in Manchester today and of course whenever there is a Christmas, there is always a Turkey to vote for it. Up steps a "reporter" from the Manchester Evening News, the paper that appears to support fluoride and any other old tosh that the Government comes up with.

Its been like this in Manchester for many years. Back in the day when a Council Leader Graham Stringer and his gang The Stringalongs was busy removing demonstrators who like most sane people were objecting to the Manchester Ringway Airports latest runway, nailed his colours to the mast and decided a runway was much better than boring old fuddy duddy villages like Styal. Or good air quality or integrated transport with real trains, Of such common sense and resolve are future ministers made.

Remember the congestion charges fiasco. It was going to bring lots of dosh into the city and reduce traffic, congestion and the terrible emissions which were killing us all. Best of all, all this dosh would be invested in super-duper new public transport. Perhaps the good folks of Manchester (and here i can reveail i was born and bred there)remembered the pledges and promises of proper and fully integrated transport nationwide which Johnny Presscot was going to bring. He even said we were to hold him to it. Surprise surprise, it just didnt happen, he didnt even do diddly squat. Result Manchester with its ring roads and motorways is more congested than ever. But the good folks of Manchester remembered the broken promises and gave the congestion charge the bums rush.

Naturally the toadies jumped at the chance when Fluoridation of the water was announced. Step forward the Manchester Evening News which even orchestrated an anti-bottled water campaign. Even United Utilities joined in the fun attempting to rubbish bottled water on grounds of expense and pollution. Naturally they hadnt bothered with anything so trivial as research which could have shown them that with all its weaknesses and pollution problems bottle water would always win out over tap water with fluoride in it. In fact any old bucket of crap would. Even the plastic bottles could be recycled and new sources of oil to make them with could actually be sustainable if they were made from corn oil or hemp.

They overlooked another little thing too in their haste to do their masters bidding. United Utilities were also purveyors of water of course, a monopolistic legacy of the dark days of Thatcherism. but even she knew that compettition and choice are important to consumers and and governments who need votes and, though it may be permissable to advertise that your water is better than the oppositions, its not permissable to claim that the compettitors water is a pile of crap. Imagine for example, ASDA producing adverts saying dont shop at Sainsburys. When me learned friends were tipped off and a few phone calls were received, the bottled water hate campaign evaporated faster than the water itself in a heatwave.

So here they are again. the MEN has found a bimbo reporter to appear on the BBC and say how wonderful ID Cards really are, even despite in the nightfall of New Labour project the Card scheme voluntary or otherwise will be scrapped whether the Tories or the Lib Dems take power and believe me, it cannot happen fast enough. Would i like to get rid of New Labour, yes i would most certainly, I could handle a dose of Real Labour though with public services not stuffed with quangos and PCTs and assorted suits and seat pollishers serving their time and waiting for their gongs.

And no ministers like the incompetent Jack (i am against fluoridation but not enough to ever dare say anything against it now I am in government) and his bully boys. And certainly we dont need toadies like Andy Gis'a Job Burnham who will do anything say anything and go anywhere to further his ignominious career and bank account and of course, lets not forget the Home Sec, Alan Johnson who no doubt thinks that ID Cards will be very popular once the population have swallowed enough fluoride. Bad news guys, we dont want ID Cards and wont be turning ourselves in at the police station voluntarily on the off chance we may have inadvertently broken some petty new law the government thought up because it might be a vote winner. And of course last but not least Fluoride itself, seeing as you like it so much guys, why dont you drink it yourself, all of it and as soon as possible and then jump into a bin bag or wheelie bin. Dont worry, it will be collected in a fortnight or so and no one will ever know you were there.