Thursday, 13 August 2009


Whatever you political persuasion, the chances are you believe that the NHS is a good idea which should be preserved. David Cameron has just come out in favour of it and this is not surprising, the NHS is "against sin" in political terms. Of course its easy for the the American politicians to snipe at it because such a system would undoubtedly make inroads into the grotesque profiteering of the American drug empires.

The credit crunch is the latest threat to the UK health service and it's obvious that some cuts will be necessary whatever Party assumes power next year. Rather than cut the services themselves, the Government should be thinking the unthinkable. they should be cutting out the men with suits in the SHAs and the PCTs. Most of them are just political appointees with little or no health background and who are rather better at looking after the PCT etc than the Health Service or Trusts.

Many of them receive grotesquely large salaries especially the CEOs, that are not justified and are no longer affordable. The Strategic Health Authorities are a case in point. One GP doctor in Essex complained bitterly that rather than benefit from the recently improved salaries the government put in place, that he had actually been sacked and advised to live off his pension. Meanwhile, the boss of his SHA was gettting £60K more per year than even Gordon Brown. I wonder how that can be justified. and dont forget these are the very people who are ignoring public opinion and trying to force fluoride down our throats because they think they know best. Its painfully obvious that most them dont even know diddly squat.

A couple of months back during the "consultation" on fluoridation in Southamption the SHA decided to completly ignore 78% public poll results against the toxic waste plan. Even Brown publicly stated that fluoride should not be imposed on people without consent and now even Andy Burnham who normally salivates like one of Pavlovs dogs at the very mention of Fluoride has stated the same as Gordon Brown. Its strange really, i had no idea he had any plans for a Damascus trip but it seems he met someone on the road and finally saw the light. Of course we cannot really believe anything that the Vicar of Bray says but at least we can hold him to it when the time comes. Its after all a bit of a pity that he was not so gung ho about "debate" before the Consultation(sic) decided to forece everyone to have it by law.

Manchester, which has close links with the Brown regime has also shelved plans for fluoridation in the North West pending the results of the Judicial Review which the good folk of Southamption have brought against the clearly out of touch and out of control SHA. Sadly councils in West Yorkshire have not yet heard the news and even as i write are still wasting time and our money on "studies" and "consultation" Hopefully, the penny will finally drop to the East of the Pennines and the credit crunch will be taken as an opportunity to dump this evil plan in favour of better dental education and more dentists.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009



It seems like only yesterday that the South Central Strategic Health Authority was telling its dwindling audience that they didnt give a bugger about individual rights, Democracy or how many people objected to fluoridation: It was going to be imposed on Southampton and parts of Hampshire whether they liked it or not because it was the health "evidence" that mattered most. Indeed it said as much in the double speak of the 2003 Act which hoped to popularise mass poisoning (surely Mass Medication. Ed !) One thing you can be sure of however is that the delusional nature of the pro-fluoride loonies continues to grow

Only last week UKCAF's Web Site exposed the much trumpeted National Fluoride Information Centre as just an abandoned building lost amidst the sprawling campus of Manchester University. Even the campus security had not heard of it. It turns out that It was not a Centre of Excellence, It was certainly not National and if this was not enough, it contained no Information about Fluoride or anything else. Possibly the Fluoridistas have run out of money or at least soon will if threats of cuts to the NHS budgets because of the Credit Crunch are even half true. Or perhaps, the funding has been diverted to clean out a Moat, build a Dead Duck House or most likely, to pay the collossal salaries of the SHA's CEO,s which are even higher than those of the Prime Minister.

Perhaps this is one reason why Gordon Brown said during the Southampton "consultation process" (sic) that fluoridation would not be imposed upon people without their consent. It was a pity that this message had not filtered down to the SHAs whose determination to fluoridate us all knew no bounds. But better late than never. The good folk of Southampton have fought a valiant fight to stop this evil, expensive and totally useless imposition and the Judicial Review they have provoked, has served to concentrate the few brain cells remaining in New Labours Ship of State to a realisation that on grounds of expense and certainly electoral practicality and popularity, fluoridation is probably a no no.
Its not therefore very surprising that Burnham has now clambered down of his high horse and admitted that fluoridation will not be imposed upon anybody. Of course this might just be more weasel words, or maybe comrade Brown didnt like being contradicted by the upstart. And anyway, Should the Sec of State actually be moving the goalposts whilst the matter was before Judicial Review. If they move them anymore they will need to put castors on them.

Now we learn that the Fluoridistas in the North West have slammed on the breaks because they cannot afford to waste money on something which the review may find against if there is any Justice left in this septic Isle. Of course the wording of the 2003 legislation does say deep in the text that SHA,s do have the ultimate say, it now appears that this is being moderated by the words of both Gordon Brown and the Sec of State for health and local people will after all have the final word about any tampering with their water supplies. If this is truly the direction the government is now heading then lets encourage them to improve dental education and put in place more dentists and forget this outdated and discredited masturbatory fantasy called fluoridation once and for all. Its never too late to return to common sense and it usually proves very popular.

If this message doesnt get through however the fight will not only continue to rid us all of this madness but it will increase, We will not tolerate compulsory mass medication, we will not pay the water companies or anyone else for contaminated water and we will not pay for Trickle Meters which threaten our health and disrupt our hot water and central heating systems. The Government cannot disconnect us so now is the time to stand firm and once and for all Say No To Fluoride and fluoridation and all those politicians of whatever party who seek to impose it upon us.