Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Today, fluoride petitioners to the 10 Downing Street Website would have been totally underwhelmed by the rather predictable response that arrived in their in-boxes. Ill informed and out of date as ever, the Government is hardened in its wickedness and stupidity. The hand of Andy Bullshit and his backing band The Fluoridistas is also still clearly visible as a moments reading will attest. They even repeat the crap about about the York Review claiming it as support when it clearly was not.

I wont go on much about this as its not really worthy of comment. but clearly Gordon Brown and his dwindling band of yes men wants out of Government and is doing everything he can to bring this happy day about. I came from a long line of traditional Labour voters and now feel ashamed that I ever voted for them. But i wont get caught again as the song by The Who puts it. Even now I think I hear the sound of my father doing cartwheels in his grave. Calm down Dad, they are very close to the edge of the cliff now.

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Tuesday, 30 June 2009


According to Alan Whitehead holding a referendum on plans to fluoridate Hampshire's tap water is "unrealistic", a Southampton MP has warned.
There have been mounting calls for the public to be given a vote over the controversial scheme, after health chiefs backed it despite widespread public opposition. Southampton Test MP Alan Whitehead however, believes staging a single-issue referendum would not be possible because it would set a precedent that could then be applied to all sorts of issues.

"These suggestions are not realistic to where we are now," * he said, adding that believes the legislation needed would be fraughtwith problems. Having a referendum on fluoridation would set a precedent for any aspect of British sub-national public life. "It would have to be followed up with a referendum on any decision to build a road, where to put a walk-in centre, or what maternity facilities to provide, because these are all issues that are important to people involved."

Dr Whitehead has backed the scheme to add fluoride to the tap water delivered to nearly 200,000 homes in parts of Southampton, Eastleigh, Totton, Netley and Rownhams, saying he believes it will improve children's teeth. However, he recently called for the process to be put on hold for an examination of the way the public consultation was carried out.
Well thanks for the U Turn Doc, but we are not all as daft as you think. Firstly, I am not aware that any examination of the "consultation" (sic) process has taken place so why do you no longer think fluoridation should be put on hold? I am also not impressed that you claim Fluoridation is a "local" issue and therfore not suitable for putting on to the public in a referendum.
Burnham and Johnson, those well known music hall stars have made it clear that they want fluoridation rolled out across the whole of the UK. Secondly even if it did "set a precedent" this might be a good thing. Your government has lied and exaggerated on a regular basis so setting a precedent for telling the truth would indeed be a welcome addition to the democratic process. Incidentally I should also try looking up the word "democratic", memorise it and then apply it next time you and your party seek election. It will probably be too late to help you remain in office but it might help you at some time in the more distant future.
* believed to be a reference to cloud cuckoo land

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