Tuesday, 22 December 2009


As 2010 appears over the Eastern Horizon it would be nice to think that this is the year that fluoride and fluoridation is finally destroyed. Even a cursory glance at the information on fluoride tells us that its extremely toxic, whether natural or man-made, and it simply does not work to protect teeth but damges them and many other vital parts of the human body. We know its never been thoroughly tested and that idiots such as the British and American Governments and their paymasters in major industries mare in complete denial. it would be nice to think that they are just misguided and well-meaning but clearly in most cases other than the most niave and blinkered dentists still living in the past, this is not the case.
The pro-fluoride movement is driven by a bunch of materialistic and greedy industries and their puppets who will say anything to increase their profits and clearly dont really care at all. A good example is the latest development with LIDL Supermarkets in Scotland. The Scottish Assembly of MSPs and the Scottish National Party Aided by the Green Party rejected clearly any attempts to add fluoride to the water supply North of the Border but the chief dental officer in Scotland, alarmed that it might harm his reputation or possibly his pocket has lobbied LIDL and convinced them that they should now sell fluoridated salt. One would think that salt was not already a problem without making it toxic as well.
I strongly urge LIDL customers and would be customers to avoid ChanteSel salt with added fluoride. Cutting down on salt is a good idea, cutting down on this muck is a very good idea> People can of course buy the stuff if they want and to be fair, LIDL are also selling un corrupted salt so the element of consumer choice is still in tact but sadly salt is one of those things deemed essential by many and most people dont look clearly at the labels. Most Scottish friends of mine enjoy a nice cup of tea or indeed several as much as I do and arguably are already receiving more than enough fluoride from that source. Add to this processed meals and junk foods, especially processed foods manufactured and processed in areas with water fluoridation such as the West Midlands and Newcastle and its probable that many are already ingesting too much. As a result there is no control of of the total dosage and individual or a group of individuals actually receives daily, weekly etc. A little from a wide variety of sources can add up to a lot and as up to 50% of ingested fluoride is not eliminated from the body, high and potentially dangerous levels of fluoride can accumulate over time.
With the current cold weather and snow and ice, i have purchased much more salt than i would normally ever use to reduce the lethal nature of my footpaths and steps. I did however check carefully that none of it contained fluoride because our outside drains flow directly into our local river and according to one Canadian study discovered, even levels of fluoride well below the alleged safe dose of 1 part per million were capable of halting salmon and salmonids such as trout incapable of breeding As a veteran water pollution campaigner with Friends of the Earth i would be neglecting my duties if i poured crap into my or anyone else's rivers.
Next year is General Election Year so when prospective candidates of ANY PARTY come knocking on your door or sending you letters and leaflets asking for you votes whether for local or National election. Question them carefully about how they stand on water fluoridation or the adulteration of foods and milk with this crap. And if they cannot give you their assurance that they are actively against the practice, just give them the bums rush. In the meantime tell all your friends and neighours of the dangers this chemical poses and if you can join one of the groups or organisations dedicated to eradicating this poison from the human diet and the wider environemtn. There are more than enough toxins in our food and water as it is without adding more and as for those who advocate the addition of fluoride to childrens milk i regard it as a form of child abuse and the perpetrators should lose their jobs immediatley for the good of all.
In the meantime i wish you all a Happy Solstice, a Merry Christmas and a Happy and healthy New Year, 2010.