Wednesday, 14 September 2011




14th SEPTEMBER, 2011


FRIENDS OF THE EARTH welcomes and joins the call to cancel fluoridation for the Southampton and Hampshire areas following on from the admission that fluoridating water in Manchester and the North West is now deemed to be too expensive.

Of course the DoH has not mentioned that its also illegal, and contravenes both medical ethics and human rights legislation. (civil servants and Government Ministers are not Doctors and cannot legally prescribe to individuals let alone entire populations)

Friends of the Earth and associated groups call for the total abandonment of all existing fluoride schemes in the UK, most notably, Birmingham, Coventry, West Cumbria, Newcastle , North Tyneside and Gateshead as well as pockets of fluoridated water in several other areas caused by the eccentricities of the pipe network. This cessation should also include any proposed schemes such as Yorkshire and Teeside. We believe that there is no place or reason for fluoride in the food chain and we need tighter controls over emissions of fluoride from industrial processes. Furthermore we may also need adjustment downards of levels of naturally occuring (but still dangerous fluoride in areas already containing levels of fluoride in excess of the latest US recommendation of 0.7 parts per million.
Civil Servants at the Department of Health (sic) should be reprimanded for promoting fluoride and leading Politicians of all parties by the nose.

At a time when the entire country, not just the NHS is in serious financial difficulties, utilising £400K of the taxpayers money to fight the taxpayers of Southampton who called for a Judicial Review which they would probably never have won without this disgraceful injection of cash.from the public purse. Its little wonder that the NHS is in such financial straightts and badly in need of change when such feeble, undemocratic and wasteful procedures are persued with impunity. Shame on the civil servants at the DOH, and we call on MPs currently debating the Health and Social Care bill to carefully scrutinize the way NHS money is being squandered in order to force contaminated water down the publics throats despite overwhelming and vociferous public opposition.
If individuals really do wish to have fluoride, let doctors and dentists, recommend topical rather than systemic applications of fluoride via toothpaste rather than a pointless and dangerous and unmeasured indiscriminate dosing of the entire population and the natural environment.

Some civil servants have clearly been at it too long and I Suggest they are well passed their Sell-By date.  Parliament should take notice of the way that their laws have been unfairly and undemocratically influenced by these grey nonentities amongst the mandarins. MPs and Minister must reclaim democracy on behalf of the people.  After all, this is what they were elected for. Mandarins are not elected at all.   Nuff Said?