Wednesday, 17 December 2008


The Pro-Fluoridation lobby has now opened up its campaign in two new areas, Bristol and Huddersfield and we urge people in those areas to keep a sharp look out for the lies and misinformation which are sure to follow. As per usual it starts with an innocuous sounding article in the local paper which purports to discuss the ifs and buts of water fluoridation but sooner or later gets down to its real task which is waffling on about the "benefits" of fluoridation as though it was all fine and dandy and a done deal so that we buy into the idea that agreeing to be poisoned is a good idea.
Even when an "expert" or "independent consultant is roped in there is usually a very noticeable lack of facts or real science and most of the text can be traced back to the original press releases produced in the 1940s.. Sometimes the wording has changed but often they have not even bothered to do that. No mention is made of recent research from respected sources in the USA, India and China highlighting links with brittle bones and bone cancer or disruption of the endocrine system via the thyroid which can lead to weight gain, lethargy and diabetes, and of course lowered IQs are seldom mentioned. Dental fluorosis (mottling and staining of the teeth) is one of the first signs of trouble but this if mentioned at all, it is usually described as a "cosmetic problem" but try telling that to someone who is no longer confident enough to smile.
More importantly of course the "mild" fluorosis can be become moderate or even severe depending on the amount of fluoride involved and length of time the sufferer has been exposed to it and of course. some people are more sensitive to it and because fluoride is present as a "trace element" in a wide variety of foods and drinks there is no knowledge of or control of the amount each individual is ingesting. When its in the water supply there is little or no escape from it and some is even absorbed via the skin during washing and bathing and of course, brushing with fluoridated tooth paste is all going to mount up. What this means is that existing dosage is not known and cannot be calculated but total idiots still talk about optimal amounts and other tosh. And who are these idiots i hear you ask. Step forward and take a bow, Alan Johnson MP and his cronies. (you can see a picture of moderate dental fluorosis on my blog at
The article in the Huddersfield Examiner (December 16th) ticks all the usual boxes when it comes to misinformation. Fluorosis is only “mild” and that's the only problem, Dr Peter Clemenson the “expert” is, we are told, “course leader, MSc Analytical Science, School of Applied Sciences, University of Huddersfield” but either he knows nothing or the paper decided not to print it because it would be too taxing to have facts or science in a family paper, or too taxing for the reporter more likely.
For example, we are told that “The addition of fluoride to potable water is still a controversial issue, despite the fact that in several countries, including America, a majority of the population enjoys the benefits(sic) of having fluoride” Well knock me down with a feather! Perhaps that's why 63 towns and cities in the USA just voted to dump it. And then we are also told that For well over 50 years, it has been known that adding fluoride to public water in very low concentration inhibits tooth decay or dental caries.
Well, maybe it has been known in the past but its now known that rather than protecting teeth its actually helping to destroy them and make people ill. True it is that dental health has improved noticeably since WW2 but the same applies irrespective of whether the area has been fluoridated or not. Compare for example, the Fluoridated ares of the USA and the non fluoridated Europe over the same period, the improvement is the same.
Fluoride is so safe in fact that India and China are spending a fortune on ways of removing the crap from water supplies because of the major health problems it is causing. Of course, what do those people know, they are only Indians and Chinese, and certainly not clever American or British vested interests. If the naturally occuring levels of sodium fluoride can be so dangerous to health, how much worse are the artificial “fluorosilicates” which Alan Johnson the British Governments Quack Doctor and Snake Oil salesman are peddling. They must be safe because they are scraped from the smokestacks of the aluminium and pesticide factories and contain traces of other toxic residues.
Finally, it is actually illegal and unethical to medicate (or mass medicate) people without the consent of the patients concerned so how much more illegal is is for Alan Johnson MP and Minister to force us to swallow this crap? And seeing as how its so safe, you can swallow mine as well as yours and we will just watch what happens next. Government ministers have no devine right to prescribe what doctors cannot. Water poisoned with fluoride which you have to pay for? Just Say No.
So be warned good people of Huddersfield and anywhere else where the threat of fluoride and those who promot it raise their ugly heads. There is bigger crap on the way and the Examiner article is just the tip of the oncoming iceberg. Be on the look out for any articles using words such as "safe and effective" "Optimal levels of fluoride" and "fluorosis is merely a cosmetic problem" etc. and for anything about fluoride and fluoridation emanating from the area Primary Care Trusts, the British Fluoridation Society, the American Dental Association et al. The information is incorrect and out of date and so are the those who parrot it. If you really want up to date info on this scandal, visit the web site of the Fluoride Action Network whose link is at the bottom of this blog.

Monday, 15 December 2008

'Cumbria and Lancashire or Australia, the Lies are just the same.

More Tosh from the Chief Poisoners

I should not take too much notice of Ellis Friedman the CMO of Lancashire or whatever he calls himself. Anyone who has encountered him and his pathetic mini-powerpoint presentation on Fluoride quickly realises that although he may know a lot about the paperwork of the NHS and PCTs, when it comes to fluoride he seems to know SFA. His presentations contain no science, no useful facts and certainly no mention of the many serious diseases with which fluoride is associated nowadays. He merely waffles on as per usual about “Public Consultation process” which anyone involved in “consultation” over A and E closures knows to be a huge con not to mention an oxymoron.

The so-called "values" of fluoridation are a huge LIE made up from a rag bag of many smaller Porkies and totally out of date info which has never been tested or amended since the 1940s when this fraud was first cooked up. We can but hope that next time Friedland or any of his ilk turn up to waffle about the value of putting toxic waste in the tap water, his power point fuses leaving more time for real debate and embarrassing questions.

The British Governments of whatever persuasions, have for many years prattled on about the "Special Relationship" between the UK and the USA but anyone who has studied this knows its usually one sided and often embarrassingly so. The UK holds on to the shirt tales of the USA hoping for the occasional hand out or a bit of protection, salivating at the merest hint of encouragement, and consequently whether it be bombing brown people and stealing their oil or dumping toxic waste such as fluoride in the water, the UK either does as its told or emulates its master in the hope of a dog biscuit.

Sadly despite cries for total independence coming from Australia the Government in Oz still hangs onto British shirt tails and emulates the UK's pitiful pro-fluoride lobby, just as the UK emulates the USA. The governments merely go through the motions of consultation to give the people the impression that their views really count but of course they don't really. Out of such intellectual and political bankruptcy, Government policies are made. "Oh Brave New World that has such People in it!"