Saturday, 13 December 2008


Whether you are an environmental or health campaigner on local, National or International issues, the cost of phone calls can easily get out of hand as i know to my own cost and seldom more so than during this Credit Crunch when every penny actually saved is a victory. There are some times when a letter or even an email is not immediate enough and if you have CTS as I do, typing can be a real pain.

The Fluoride Campaign is growing daily and occasionally I have to phone people as far away as Canada, the USA and even Australia. This makes Europe look like a local call and even with the various attractive phone packages which we can get nowadays the bills can still grow alarmingly. What follows is some basic advice born of experience on reducing these costs dramatically and making your communications and campaigning easier and more effective. I apologise to those who may already know and use these methods.

A good way of staying in touch with those online without incurring this type of expense is to use alternative media such as MSN Messenger or Skype. Both these give the option of text communication in real time and also voice audio. Skype for example allows several people in widely spaced parts of the world to enjoy a conference call for free with others who have PCs or Macs. Documents and images and even audio or video files can also be exchanged at the same time merely by using drag and drop although Messenger is best and quickest for this. If you also have a cheapo web cams you can even make video calls.

Messenger and Skype are both totally free to use but Skype also has a premium VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocal) Phone Service which enables you to call other people who maybe dont even have a computer, on their ordinary phones for a fraction of the cost of normal landline calls, as also does BT Total Broadband in the UK which has its own "Softphone." Calls using these usually cost no more than one and half pence or two or three cents per minute world wide.

There are of course several other providers which give you some similar facilities, such as Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk or Pal Talk but MSN Messenger and Skype are the most popular and widely used. So, if you have an urgent need to get confirmation of some fact or figure or other overseas or simply want to give someone a thorough bollocking or just want to stay in touch, then these options might be just what you are looking for. They are mostly free and certainly easy to install and use, and even if you are not particularly computer savvy, you can always ask one of the kids and they will have it up and running for you in no time.

All you need is a PC or Mac with a sound card, Speakers or headphones and a computer mic. Some use headsets with attached microphones like they use in call centres but i prefer the mic on the desk and my hi fi speakers as this enables me to walk around the room and stretch my legs. For less than $10 you should have all you need and the world is your oyster. There's plenty of additional help and information available on the net if you have problems or you can call me on UK code, 01282-860985 or look for Brian Jackson, Lancashire, UK, on either Skype or Messenger, I might even be online right now, Good Luck.

Friday, 12 December 2008


The idiots we sometimes refer to as Politicians and/or Medical experts are about to dump toxic fluoride into the water supply of Queensland, Australia and I am sure we all must commisserate with the people there who are having this crap forced upon them despite longstanding and widespread vocal opposition. Wherever in the world we go, if they are promoting fluoridation the same lies and misinformation are being spread. There is never any science or facts of course, for if there were, fluoride would be seen for the nonsense it is and dismissed out of hand. I thank Diana Buckland of Kallangur for the info which follows and congratulate her and all her colleagues and supporters for thier work
and urge them to hang in there.
Well people you have been lied to big time - corruption and suppression of Evidence of Harm - here is a little bit of information from a flyer I put together for l page (I have huge amount of data collected all up) but the mainstream media puts a blackout on any of us talking against water fluoridation so the information doesn't get to the public, the silicofluorides put in the water supplies are S6 poisons. Here is my little info sheet:WHAT THE MEDIA REFUSE TO DISCLOSE TO ANY OF YOU (by Di Buckland) FLUORIDATION JUST SAY NO – says a Former Parliamentarian & Member of the ACT Legislative Assembly “Fluoridation Inquiry” (1989-91). The majority of inquiry members would not report the scientific, medical, dental & Court evidence received in worldwide submissions proving that fluoridation causes disease, deaths, tooth decay & is useless & environmentally destructive. 12 Reasons to reject fluoridation! ….joined by other fluoride polluting industries (e.g. nuclear) & the multi-billion dollar sugar, toothpaste, confectionery and soft drink industries, they became strong financial supporters of dental associations that promoted fluoridation.……. Click on link
DENNIS STEVENSON is a former Parliamentarian & Member of the ACT Legislative Assembly 'Fluoridation Inquiry' (1989-91). The majority of inquiry members would not report the scientific, medical, dental & court evidence received in worldwide submissions proving that fluoridation causes disease, deaths, tooth decay & is useless and environmentally destructive.
-DISGRACEFUL STATE OF TASMANIANS TEETH - TASMANIA HAS BEEN FLUORIDATED FOR OVER 50 YEARS!! “The highest levels of permanent decay experience were found in Tasmania,”(Click link for article:- POISONED BABIES VYVYAN HOWARD on Fluoride in Drinking Water DUMBING DOWN OF THE POPULATION BY DR. RUSSELL BLAYLOCK – NEUROSURGEON Joel M. Kauffman, Professor of Chemistry Emeritus at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia Professor: Hiding a Link to cancer from fluoride? THE FLUORIDE DECEPTION - 4 Fluoride and Conflict of Interest
DR. WILLIAM HIRZY - EPA - VIDEO ON WATER FLUORIDATION STATEMENT OF Dr. J. WILLIAM HIRZY - Judge Anthony Farris found: "That the artificial fluoridation may cause or contribute to the cause of cancer, genetic damage, intolerant reactions, and chronic toxicity etc……World Health Organisation – in conjunction with British Fluoridation Society & School of Public Health & School of Clinical Dentistry !!unacceptable conflict of interest Poison in your Water supplies85% of Europe have rejected & banned Water Fluoridation chemicals. Which is Sodium Silicofluoride and Hydrofluorosilic acid S6 poisons – together referred to as Silicofluorides.To join the class action against the Government to Stop the poisoning of the population with S6 poisons, silicofluorides contact The People’s Class Action Trust and request a Form letter to participate in this historic Action. http://www.peoplesclassaction.orgthe/
Government and their fluoride proponents mislead/lie about the true facts of water fluoridation, it is a human health & environmental health disaster. Just ask Tasmanians with the worst dental health in the nation and they have been fluoridated for over 50 years. Total Suppression of Evidence of Harm has always been what Governments have done about the harm done by waterfluoridation - the power of the Australian Medical Association, Australian Dental Association, also we don't like the conflict of interest with World Health Organisation and the British Fluoridation Society, certainly bring Integrity in Science into serious question.By Diana Buckland4 Mia St. Kallangur,4504 Merilyn Haines Queenslanders for Safe Water, Air & Food (incorporating Queenslanders Against Water Fluoridation)


If you have problems posting a comment on this blog, I extend my apologies and can only ask you to try again. I did try to make this blog open to all comments but as I am new to this myself. Suffice it to say that if you have a Google or Gmail account, you should be able to log on using your normal details such as name and password. I have tried this and it does seem to work. Now all I need find out is why sometimes I get paragraph breaks and sometimes I dont, Advice please if you have any.

Thursday, 11 December 2008


I was so enraged at the insulting pile of crap about fluoride and anti-fluoride campaigners that appeared in The Australian yesterday, (see previous post) that i decided to sleep on it rather than rise to the bait. I needn't of worried however. Good folk all the way from Melbourne to Bodiddlyboing Idaho rose up en masse and gave them a huge piece of their mind.
They were not at all impressed by the badly written and badly spelt ordure they had read, had noticed the lack of science, facts and balance, and, most of all, deeply resented being referred to as "Nutters". (Not that they were surprised of course) Perhaps Rupie Murdoch or whoever now owns this rag, should have a serious word with D D McNichols about the portents in the tea leaves.
All newspapers with more than two brain cells to rub together, like it or not, have to be cognisant of the increasing pressures from the Internet, Cell Phones, Blogs etc which are stealing their readers, literally in torrents. Gone are the days when the likes of Robert Maxwell could dictate the news from his own little black book of hidden agendas, and, if papers are to survive at all, they had better start taking notice of the growing competition, the shrinking advertising and the rising impatience of the public with shrink-wrapped and homogenised misinformation which the traditional media seem unable to abandon.
In the case of The Australian, they might wish to start by reading one of their own pieces written on the 15th November this year which says.....
"The more serious challenge is the complacency and condescension that festers at the heart of some newsrooms. The complacency stems from having enjoyed a monopoly and now finding they have to compete for an audience they once took for granted..... The condescension that many show their readers is an even bigger problem. It takes no special genius to point out that if you are contemptuous of your customers, you are going to have a hard time getting them to buy your product. Newspapers are no exception. "
And which "hack" wrote that you may ask? Step forward Mr Rupert Murdoch... Doh!
I am sure that you, like me, enjoy watching a bit of grovelling and large slices of humble pie being chomped from time to time and maybe it is hoping for rather a lot to expect it from The Australian but surprise, surprise, miracles do still happen, especially when the massed anti-fluoridation choir sing in close harmony. Those who still purchased the Australian the following day will no doubt enjoy this. .......
"Rarely has one paragraph brought such a flood of angry emails, most of which commented at length about the above-mentioned conspiracy. Strewth, it seems, is in league with lying dentists, politicians, newspaper editors, television news presenters and scientists, all of whom promote the addition of fluoride to water supplies while claiming it reduces tooth cavities. The truth, according to the legion of correspondents who wrote at enormous length, is that fluoride will kill us all. "
Come on Australian, Say No To Fluoride
Nuff Said ?


Something in the water
(Extract from The Australian, December 11th 2008)
WITH some diehards still hoping the fluoridisation(sic) of domestic water supplies in southeast Queensland early next year will somehow be averted, it is worth remembering what happened when Canberra was fluoridated in 1964. As Queensland Premier Anna Bligh is now aware, fluoride brings out nutters determined to prove it fades your curtains, curdles your cat and turns babies' bones to chalk. In Canberra it was the same, but with feisty Brisbane-based federal Liberal politician Jim Killen leading the anti-fluoride forces. The fight was covered closely in a short-lived tabloid edition of The Australian that Rupert Murdoch had published just for Canberra readers. The day water flowing from the Cotter Reservoir was due to be fluoridated, dozens of protesters chained themselves to the gates and refused to let workers past. "We don't give a bugger," one of the workers drawled. "We did it six months ago."

Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Demonstration in Southampton this Saturday

Meeting at the Civic Centre Art Gallery Fountain Cafe at 10 am 13th December and then walk down to the Bargate with placards and leaflets. Come along even if it is just to swell the numbers.

This really will be the last chance to do something positive to persuade the people of Southampton that they must write in to the Strategic Health Authority. It may also make people who know nothing about fluoridation (there are a lot) become aware that there is controversy about its touted benefits and if rung up and asked their opinion they may say NO to fluoridation.