Saturday, 28 February 2009


The Death of Democracy
Today Southampton residents learned that their water will be fluoridated -even though their kids already have excellent teeth.
I hate to say 'I told you so!' - but I will anyway! The South Central SHA has done what it does best -- it's stuck to official policy, come hell or high water. No amount of reason could persuade those unfortunate innocents, the SHA Board Members, to accept evidence from anyone other than from their own carefully selected 'experts', rigorously vetted for their loyalty to the Department of Health.It was, of course, entirely predictable that they would rely on the political spin of their appointed minders, rather than on the carefully phrased but ultimately naive arguments of even the most respected of scientists.
The brutal fact is that these rogue 'experts' do not play by the gentle rules of decent folk. Scientists rely on reason, evidence, and argument, presented in a decent, civilised and respectful fashion.The pro-fluoridation fanatics rely on dogma, distortion, and assertion, projected at high speed and with utter ruthlessness at the mainly uncomprehending and ill-qualified Board Members. The only way to beat them is to play by even more ruthless rules - and that is what we shall be doing in the next few weeks.The despair that local campaigners are feeling at the moment is unwarranted. Whilst they waited for this decision, they had nothing to get their teeth into. Now it is in the open, and the astonishing spectacle of this Whitehall farce has at last been exposed to full public scrutiny, there is plenty of material that can be used to bring this charade to an end, and its instigators to account.
The establishment 'experts' advising the Board today made some very serious mistakes. It was claimed that fluoridation is not medication - wrong! It was said that dental fluorosis in Ireland only affects a few people - 37% is more than just a few. And the Precautionary Principle is used to avoid possible hazards to the public, not to increase them.But crucially, it was even claimed that fluoridation is not against the law. Board Members need to be very clear about this, because they are now entering into very choppy waters indeed. One of the key documents provided by the SHA was specifically designed to persuade them that water fluoridation is entirely lawful, and that there were no underlying issues that were of concern to them.
If they were misled into accepting this propaganda, then they should take very urgent legal advice, because it was horrendously wrong.In fact, so serious was some of the misinformation and misrepresentation used to persuade them to support the team effort that there is now a clear case for a full Inquiry into the whole conduct of this charade, and the legitimacy of the decision that they reached. Members are required to ensure that there are no safety issues or legal obstructions arising from any decision they make, or to any action that they authorise. They have now been informed that there are indeed such issues - this is where the Precautionary principle kicks in, and a halt must be called to the project.Their personal liability for any adverse consequences of ignoring that advice - even if it came from sources other than their own trusted minders - places them personally at risk of potentially severe personal sanctions.
They need to be aware that local campaigners now have sufficient evidence with which to challenge this ill-advised decision. The next few weeks will become quite interesting, and it will have our complete and undivided attention

Thursday, 26 February 2009


The appalling news from the Southampton PCT that they intend to go ahead with fluoridation of the water supply there, cannot have come as much of a surprise to most of us. True, most of us have pressed on with the drudgery of collecting research, writing our letters and leaflets and trying to get the media to take up the cause, but with most media no longer doing any campaigning journalism lest they upset some potential advertiser with a rarefied link to their paper, this has proved an uphill task.
Despite this our campaigning has continued in the belief that truth, justice and democracy might eventually prevail against the forces of darkness ranged against us. hoping against hope that some politicians could occasionally swim against the current and act honourably, but always, at the back of our minds, ever since the Government forced through its illegal fluoride legislation in a virtually empty House of Commons, back in 2003, there was our suspicion, that in reality, the dirty deed had long been done. Sometimes there is little joy in being right.
We should of course, never have forgotten that the rag-bag of second rate politicians, wannabee celebrities, local numpties waiting for gongs and politically appointed puppets who end up on the PCTs are not there because they wanted to be, or thought they had a vocation, but rather because their political masters wanted them to be. And of course, like the little doggy listening attentively to the big old record player, their attention wavers when someone rattles their food bowl or pulls on their chains. Sit boy, now roll over and play dead, now all bark in favour of fluoride. Good boy. And so it has come to pass in Southampton.
Its not just a lack of interest in the media however that has brought us to this sad state. There has been considerable political pressure on the lap dogs who only bark when they are told. And, there is a recession in full swing, and (although some would argue that this has been building for a long time ) which is only now peaking. With so many in danger of losing their jobs and positions honourable behaviour simply doesn't come into it.
With our present Government we have become accustomed to it ignoring its own experts, hired by and paid by them (out of our pockets of course) only to be humiliated by political mooning. They did it with the York Review and even resorted to deliberate misquoting of the evidence against fluoride to prove it was in fact not toxic but as wonderful as fluffy bunnies at Easter. This is no way to treat medical and scientific specialists and academics who have given their life to research and investigation. The so called Medics on the PCTs are just quacks and snake oil salesmen. Would a genuine doctor not only ignore the latest evidence and then prescribe en masse a toxic substance with little scientific support, to an unknown section of the public with no regard for their individual health issues or ongoing medication. The answer is a decided no and therefore quacks they are.
Blair started the craze for lies and deceit and ignored his own party in order to brown nose W Bush and bomb Iraq for its oil, and the Browns (Al and Gordy) simply carried on as instructed. Naturally hypocrites like Jack Straw dare not produce the documents from the cabinet in advance of the invasion. With such a foreign policy, its rather hopeless to hope that this government would treat its own citizens any better. It knows little and cares less for science or health despite all its blustering. If it did, it would have realised that a few more dentists and some free brushes and toothpaste would be the appropriate and economically viable answer to the alleged and exaggerated "problem" of tooth decay.
This reverse thinking is now well established as a New Labour Policy and Arguably the only policy they have. Experts, even their own of course, have tried to reason with them over Cannabis and Ecstasy but the result was the same. They were ignored and dismissed. After all one cannot really expect common sense or open debate from politicians who are usually half cut by lunch time or shortly after.
Before Legal action or Direct Action begins, some important questions need to be asked. Firstly, where is the "evidence" or science which supports fluoridation. I have seen none and the NHS-PCTs have not produced any, in fact they refused to even discuss it or answer questions. And where are those brave Labour members who oppose fluoride. As far as I am aware, Jack Straw MP for example has never uttered a squeak publicly even though he confirmed his opposition to me by letter. In reality, our man Jack is just another weak and ineffective nanny-state authoritarian who loves his CCTV, Biometric Passports and ID Cards. Finger printing of school children must make him particularly proud.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Lives of the Great Comedians. Number 94. Anna Bligh

As you can see from the Sworn and Witnessed statement on the right, Anna Bligh cannot be in full control of her senses. Her statement would seem to claim responsibility for reparations for any damage caused directly or indirectly by fluoride and that is a very sweeping claim. It could cover accidents, negligence, acts of god such as flood or earthquake and of course terrorism although as a friend of mine pointed out, "introducing toxic materials into otherwise potable water intended for public consumption is itself an act of terrorism, albeit state sponsored terrorism. "

Another friend of mine wondered whether Bligh knew something we didn't, such as an impending Comet striking planet Earth, or maybe she has been studying the Aztec Calender which foretells of the end of the world in 2012. Certainly i can see no other way out if something goes wrong in Queensland. After all things have already clearly gone seriously wrong in Queensland if the likes of Bligh are the best that politics in that territory can find to elect. Legally speaking, i am counselled that Bligh's signed and witnessed statement will hold neither water nor fluoride because it was not apparently sworn before a judge or a commissioner for oaths, or possibly in the case of Bligh, Oafs. In which case it remains only evidence and is arguably not legally binding although clearly publicly embarrassing.

Perhaps she was suffering from too much cold medication, or was "tired and emotional" following a particularly long lunch or maybe she had been abducted by aliens and subtly altered. After all, many believe this is what happened to Barry Cockcroft and Peter Ward, the Ant and Dec of the British pro fluoridation movement.