Saturday, 12 March 2011


Roll up, roll up, for the Fabulous Fluoride Fairground! Once you visit this crazy carnival, and allow Health Minister Andrew Lansley's Departmental roustabouts to put you on the fluoride merry-go-round, you won't be able to get off! So here's the inside story on the crazy experimental fluoridation circus they want your kids to join.

Suppose fluoridation starts in Southampton by the end of this year. If kids are under around seven years old, up to half of them will probably get fluorosis by the time they are about twelve. But you won't know if they are going to get fluoride-damaged teeth for at least another five years, and more if they're younger. The fluoride pushers' sickening 'experiment' won't come up with any results for at least that long, but when the results do start to roll in, it'll be too late for you to pull your kids out.

Even if the Health Police do decide to stop fluoridating when they see the results (and how likely is that?), your new-born infants could develop fluorosis as teenagers until at least 2030, as yet more of your little 'guinea pigs' are fed into the mindless research machine until it eventually grinds to a halt.

Of course, the Health Police will deny that it's all down to them, and will want yet more 'research', until they at last forced to admit that, once again, there really is a problem with fluoridation, and finally shut down their obscene experiment. But that will still take another ten years - after all, reseach grants could be at risk, and we can't have that, can we?

Once you get on the fluorosis merry-go-round, you can't get off it until it stops, and that won't be until 2030 at the earliest. And if you get dragged onto the lethal bone cancer roundabout spinning alongside in this Alice-in-Wonderland fantasy fairground of excruciating experimentation, that one doesn't stop until 2040! More realistically, because this is a rare disease, the lunatics will demand even more 'research' before they're convinced. So Southampton's boy children will not be certain that they're finally clear until around the middle of the century.

Once you visit the Fluoridation Fairground, you're locked in. You'll be whirled around for at least twenty years, waiting for your kids' teeth to go brown. But if you've got young boys in the family, you'll be put onto the bone cancer one as well, and that will spin you along on a 40 year ride!

Is that what they really mean when they claim that fluoridation is 'cost-effective'? Just walk through the gate and you can stay as long as you like!

Doug Cross


Whilst watching Crufts Dog Show on More Four TV to catch up on my friend who is entering a couple of dogs there, I was heartened to hear a training and welfare expert, whilst demonstrating the cleaning of dogs teeth. Perhaps not unsurprisingly, say that it was essential to use only toothpaste containing no fluoride. So here we have something not fit for a dog which is nevertheless highly recommended by brain donees in the BDA et al for your children. How can numptys like this hold such positions of authority. I think i would rather take advice on health from a couple of stand up comedians. Now before you say, lots of dentists and so-called health pros, clearly are stand up comedians I can only counter by saying they are sadly far from the best of humourists. Perhaps we should go to Frankie Boyle for a check up. I think we should be told.