Friday, 28 November 2008


Currently only a handful of countries on this planet add fluoride to their Nations water supplies, namely the USA, Canada, Australia, and Ireland. There are an unknown number of coutries which add fluoride to an individual town or smaller community or who have naturally occuring highe levels of fluoride. The UK also adds fluoride to Birmingham, Newcastle upon Tyne and a part of Cumbria and now wishes to extend this to the whole UK population.

The American Dental Association when questioned on the total, originally claimed that 60 countries fluoridated and this was echoed by the British Fluoridation Society. When questioned about this total by the National Pure Water Association they were unable to furnish anyone with a comprehensive list. After repeated questioning however Around the year 2000 the definition of fluoridation was changed to include the countries which had naturally occuring fluoride areas. At this point its important to note that both the naturally occuring form of fluoride and the Hexafluorosilicate which they dump in the water are poisonous but the latter which is toxic waste, also contains several other important toxic residues from the industries that produce it.

At the last count, only the countries listed at the top of the page, still actually fluoridated their water and both India and China have spent a lot of time and money on removing it from naturally occuring areas where dental and skeletal fluorosis were becoming major public health problem. Its true that several countries in Europe had tried fluoridation at various times, but apart from a few small areas, all European countries have now either abandoned the practice (because of its dangers, lack of public support or lack of proof of any benefit) or rejected the idea out of hand.

Of course the UK Government, as usual, desperately hanging on to the coat tails of Americans policy, thinks it knows better and is now trying to emulate King Canute and push back the tide of opposition which is rising faster than ever. They have tried all the usual lies and phoney comparisons and statistics about tooth decay, containing the familiar catch phrases such as, "crisis in tooth decay" "only solution is fluoridation" "safe and effective" "your community has worst dental health anywhere outside of Ganymede" (surely some mistake: Ed.) whilst at the same time allowing traditional dental care to go to hell on a bike.

But at last the times are indeed a changing and only last month during the American general election, another 63 cities and communities in the USA voted to abandon or reject fluoridation, causing a bit of a panic amongst its advocates. The number of rejections might have been even higher had Afro-Americans been told that Fluoride has even greater dangers to them than it does to caucasians. In the UK however the Brown Government is now desperately turning all its big guns on Southampton and resorting to a wide variety of dirty tricks to force fluoride on an unwilling population. Hampshire Against Fluoridation has however, mounted an heroic campaign of opposition and Hampshire County Council has produced a withering report, rubbishing fluoridation from top to toe and providing excellent ammunition for future anti-fluoridation campaigns. A definate Must Read.

"But surely as many ask, the Public Consultation will deliver the correct decision won't it ?" Alas no! For a start, the so called "public Consultation" does not contain two vital elements, ie: "Public" and "Consultation." Only scholarly, qualified and professional opinions will be accepted and even councils are having a hard time being heard. This of course means that the public will have little or no say in the matter and this despite the fact that in a long line of media polls, the public voted between 80-90% against fluoridation. We should not be surprised however, the ADA and the BFS, and the Government are severely mathematically challenged so things usually dont add up. They also need a remedial reading course as words such as democracy are apparently unknown to them and even simple words register no signs of consciousness. As one frustrated Council Leader in Lancashire put it. "What part of the word NO do they not understand?"

Merely participating in the consultation process is taken to mean acceptance by the PCTs and SHAs, and the word NO is taken to mean Possibly or even Yes. Apparently there is no one at the switch board and decisions to fluoridate were taken by central government many moons ago. This is not new of course. Look at the Consultations(sic) about Post Office Closure or the Closures of Hospital A and E Units. How can we trust such people ?

So what is left to us in this War on Truth? Well, first of all there is the ballot box. Make a note of all those politicos who have voted in favour of fluridation whether they be in National, Regional or Local Government and make sure you dont vote for them ever again. Clearly they cannot be trusted. Secondly when a new candidates comes knocking on your door, whatever party they claim to represent, ask them how they stand on fluoridation and if you dont like the answer, tell them No Deal.(or words to that effect of your own choosing ) If they don't visit and just send you the usual leaflets full of party dogma, phone 'em up and ask them. Emails and letters are even better, they usually have to get off their backsides and reply to them.

If they do after all protestations add fluoride to your water, dont pay for it. They cannot really force you to pay for either polluted water or compulsory medication and you should deduct the cost of Reverse Osmosis Filters you have to buy to remove the crap, and for the bottled water you need. The Government has promised to re-imburse the Water Companies for any expense they incur, (out of your taxes of course) so don't shed any tears for them, and with the country clearly heading for a sustained recession its unlikely that HMG will be able to fulfil its hollow promise to them for very long.

Those who are really determined could also have a national whip round and take all the conspirators to court and all the way to Europe if necessary. In the meantime, keep up the campaign against fluoride, we all know its just a load of bull, and with a little bit of luck, the Credit Crunch will bite the Government so hard on its backside, it won't be able to sit down.