Friday, 15 May 2009


Confidence in the safety of fluoride and the technology which delivers it to drinking water supplies appears to have hit a new low in Australia following the news that Brisbane residents, got twenty times the so-called "safe dosage" This was compounded by the fact that it apparently took as long as 12 days to identify the problem and if this was not bad enough, the government was not notified until this week that 300,000 litres of contaminated water were pumped into as many as 4,000 Brisbane homes on the 1st of May.

The plant had been shut down for routine maintenance but for reasons not yet clear, fluoride continued to be pumped into the supply. No doubt Queensland Premier will want to put everyones minds at rest by consuming twenty times her normal amount of water on TV to prove how confident she is of fluoridated waters safety.

Its bad enough that fluoride has no real value and is of course extremely toxic but exposing people to very high levels of the crap is no way to increase confidence.Here in the UK, I have lost count of the number of times that there have been problems with the technology at water treatment works and when large stretched of river have been killed by leaks of chlorine or caustic soda, and Camelford in Devon was poisoned, by aluminium, very strong public opposition should come as no surprise.
The equipment used really is not "fail safe;" more accidents are a certainty and the only way to prevent contamination of drinking water, a precious and dwindling resource, is to make sure that chemicals like fluoride and lunatics like Anna Bligh are never allowed anywhere near our water supplies. This is particularly important in a country like Australia which now seems to be in a permanent state of drought.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


The end of the road for water fluoridation?

European Court ruling effectively bans water fluoridation, and prohibits all importation of processed food from fluoridated countries.

The European Court has ruled that any food that may also have a medicinal function MUST be regulated as a medicine. And that would include fluoridated water!

The MHRA does not have the power to exercise its discretion - it MUST recognise fluoiridated water as a medicine and subject it to full pharmacological scrutiny. In the meantime, all fluoridation in the UK and Ireland must stop.

Fluoridated water may not be used for processing food, and all export of any food made with it in the UK to other EC states is illegal. So also is the importation into any EC member stateof any processed foodstuff that has been made with fluoridated water - so the entire EC market is closed to firms in fluoridated areas of the USA, Canada Australia, and New Zealand.

Are the highly dubious 'benefits' of fluoridation really worth this price, or is it not time to get rid of this stupid practice world-wide, once and for all?

For more info visit the UKCAF web site.