Saturday, 22 November 2008


Following their circulation of pictures of badly discoloured teeth caused by Dental Fluorosis, (see top right of Blog) UKCAF the United Kingdom Councils Against Fluoridation have received a communication from the Advertising Standards Authority, highlighting a complaint from the British Fluoridation Society. The pictures which are of the results of “moderate” fluorosis are well known to anyone on the fluoride trail but they seem to have come as an unpleasant surprise to the BFS.

Those in the know will tell you that dental fluorosis had been around in the UK for quite some time and since fluoridation was introduced to Ireland, its incidence there has risen quickly. In many of the fluoridated states in the USA and even in some of the unfluoridated ones where a type of fluoride occurs naturally, it's a common problem. The only temporary treatment for this complaint is a very expensive and none too comfortable process of tooth Veneering which of course is not available on the NHS but IS a nice little earner for dentists prepared to keep schtumn and toe the BFS line.

Because of its disfiguring quality it can have devastating effects on the confidence of people, especially young ones who find themselves ashamed to smile. But despite this its regarded by the promoters and advocates of fluoride as a merely “cosmetic” problem. Dr Ellis Friedman the CMO in Lancashire actually said this to me when I addressed Pendle Councils Scrutiny Committee but fortunately the Council wisely consigned fluoridation to the waste bin yet again.

Unfortunately, only a matter of hours after receiving this complaint, the UKCAF Web Site was “hacked” by persons as yet unknown. This has taken the Site off line temporarily but Doug Cross and Liz Vaughan hope to have it up and running ASAP. They are also investigating what is a criminal act of sabotage or malicious damage.

If you can help in any way, you can fortunately still contact UKCAF via email so anyone wishing to do so should write to Doug Cross at or Liz Vaughan at . Alternatively you can contact me by phone at 01282- 860985 and information will be relayed in confidence.

Why someone should want to hack a non profit making information site like UKCAF is a bit of a mystery but coming so quickly after the complaint by the BFS, and the publication of the truly excellent report by Hampshire County Council which seriously damages the future prospects of water fluoridation, speculation is already rife that the occurrences may not be entirely unrelated. Perhaps eventually we will be told.

Those out there who would like to see the new Hampshire County Council Report can still read or download it from the Hampshire Web Site here... . and in case their web site should also be attacked, I have taken the precaution of placing it on a temporary site for downloading here ...
Many thanks and greetings go to for their help.

Monday, 17 November 2008

BUY NOTHING DAY. November 29th 2008

Saturday November 29h 2008 is Buy Nothing Day, As the blurb on
their web site says "It's a day when you can challenge yourself
to switch off from shopping and tune into life." If for just one
day you can restrain the apparently hard-wired Hunter-Gatherer
instinct to trek to Sainsburys, Tesco, Walmart et al, you might
just find you have enough time and space in your life to think
about what you really need and more importantly, what you don't.
One day is not much in itself, but if enough of us try it, it
could be the start of a good habit and something truly Earth
Top of the list on this blog of course is Fluoride. I don't
need it in my toothpaste so I don't buy it and always choose
and recommend brands which are fluoride free. Unfortunately the
Government in its ignorance(sic) has become addicted to it, wants to
buy it for me and as I certainly don't want or need it in my drinking
water I am literally forced to fight them Tooth and Nail for
what should be a fundamental Human Right, IE; Pure drinking

Governments of all persuasions have spent whatsometimes seems
like millions of years telling us of the importance of “Consumer
Choice” for us all but despite this, it now wishes to compel
every man woman and child to drink toxic waste such
as Fluorosilisic acid. This is not merely
unacceptable but in my book is tantamount to State Sponsored
Terrorism. Governments of all persuasions, have learned how to
talk the talk effectively, but this is simply not good enough
when they are literally shoplifting our democracy.
Maybe just maybe, if enough of us "celebrate" Buy Nothing Day,
it might even catch on with the Government and then they can have
their own Buy Nothing Day. After all they are certainly wasting
our money on buying into a lot of crap which none of us
want or need and though in the case of policies these may be
Second Hand American ones, they are still crap. Now that
suitable Landfill sites are likely to run out in less than five years, surely it
it is time to call a halt.
So, if your actually listening HMG, after you have abandoned
fluoride in favour of more dentists, here's my short list of other
things not to buy neither on Saturday the 29th, November or any
other time.
Firstly, another runway for Heathrow? you must be
joking, hows that going to reduce congestion or pollution. Der!!!
Secondly, GM Crops: they are counter-productive and potentially
very dangerous, will line the pockets of Companies like
Monsanto and Dupont and will not help feed the world.
Thirdly, ID Cards and Biometric Passports, these are a total waste of time money and oil based plastic. They won't stem illegal immigration,
terrorism or fraud and come to think of it, if I was a criminal I would be in favour of them of course because it would make life easier.
Fourthly, CCTV. Isn't there enough dreadful reality TV as it is?
And anyway, why don't you keep your nose out of my business and
then I won't have to pry into yours?? A Government that hopes for
trustworthy and conscientious citizens will never inspire trust
when it shows us so little.
Fifthly, Bio-Fuels. Burning food
crops is clearly madness. If they really want bio-fuels and
biomass energy, choose a really useful and efficient crop such
as Hemp which will grow practically anywhere.
And last but not least, Nuclear Power. Maybe this should be number one, after all its not safe, not clean, not green and not sustainable, and producing nuclear waste shows scant regard for future generations and only appeals to brain donees who think nuclear sites are not terrorist risks. Perhaps the lunatics will put it in the water supply with the fluoride? Why not choose Tidal Turbines instead? I am reliably informed that the Moon has no intention of stopping its orbit of the earth.
(And please, don't get me started on SUV's. )