Wednesday, 17 December 2008


The Pro-Fluoridation lobby has now opened up its campaign in two new areas, Bristol and Huddersfield and we urge people in those areas to keep a sharp look out for the lies and misinformation which are sure to follow. As per usual it starts with an innocuous sounding article in the local paper which purports to discuss the ifs and buts of water fluoridation but sooner or later gets down to its real task which is waffling on about the "benefits" of fluoridation as though it was all fine and dandy and a done deal so that we buy into the idea that agreeing to be poisoned is a good idea.
Even when an "expert" or "independent consultant is roped in there is usually a very noticeable lack of facts or real science and most of the text can be traced back to the original press releases produced in the 1940s.. Sometimes the wording has changed but often they have not even bothered to do that. No mention is made of recent research from respected sources in the USA, India and China highlighting links with brittle bones and bone cancer or disruption of the endocrine system via the thyroid which can lead to weight gain, lethargy and diabetes, and of course lowered IQs are seldom mentioned. Dental fluorosis (mottling and staining of the teeth) is one of the first signs of trouble but this if mentioned at all, it is usually described as a "cosmetic problem" but try telling that to someone who is no longer confident enough to smile.
More importantly of course the "mild" fluorosis can be become moderate or even severe depending on the amount of fluoride involved and length of time the sufferer has been exposed to it and of course. some people are more sensitive to it and because fluoride is present as a "trace element" in a wide variety of foods and drinks there is no knowledge of or control of the amount each individual is ingesting. When its in the water supply there is little or no escape from it and some is even absorbed via the skin during washing and bathing and of course, brushing with fluoridated tooth paste is all going to mount up. What this means is that existing dosage is not known and cannot be calculated but total idiots still talk about optimal amounts and other tosh. And who are these idiots i hear you ask. Step forward and take a bow, Alan Johnson MP and his cronies. (you can see a picture of moderate dental fluorosis on my blog at
The article in the Huddersfield Examiner (December 16th) ticks all the usual boxes when it comes to misinformation. Fluorosis is only “mild” and that's the only problem, Dr Peter Clemenson the “expert” is, we are told, “course leader, MSc Analytical Science, School of Applied Sciences, University of Huddersfield” but either he knows nothing or the paper decided not to print it because it would be too taxing to have facts or science in a family paper, or too taxing for the reporter more likely.
For example, we are told that “The addition of fluoride to potable water is still a controversial issue, despite the fact that in several countries, including America, a majority of the population enjoys the benefits(sic) of having fluoride” Well knock me down with a feather! Perhaps that's why 63 towns and cities in the USA just voted to dump it. And then we are also told that For well over 50 years, it has been known that adding fluoride to public water in very low concentration inhibits tooth decay or dental caries.
Well, maybe it has been known in the past but its now known that rather than protecting teeth its actually helping to destroy them and make people ill. True it is that dental health has improved noticeably since WW2 but the same applies irrespective of whether the area has been fluoridated or not. Compare for example, the Fluoridated ares of the USA and the non fluoridated Europe over the same period, the improvement is the same.
Fluoride is so safe in fact that India and China are spending a fortune on ways of removing the crap from water supplies because of the major health problems it is causing. Of course, what do those people know, they are only Indians and Chinese, and certainly not clever American or British vested interests. If the naturally occuring levels of sodium fluoride can be so dangerous to health, how much worse are the artificial “fluorosilicates” which Alan Johnson the British Governments Quack Doctor and Snake Oil salesman are peddling. They must be safe because they are scraped from the smokestacks of the aluminium and pesticide factories and contain traces of other toxic residues.
Finally, it is actually illegal and unethical to medicate (or mass medicate) people without the consent of the patients concerned so how much more illegal is is for Alan Johnson MP and Minister to force us to swallow this crap? And seeing as how its so safe, you can swallow mine as well as yours and we will just watch what happens next. Government ministers have no devine right to prescribe what doctors cannot. Water poisoned with fluoride which you have to pay for? Just Say No.
So be warned good people of Huddersfield and anywhere else where the threat of fluoride and those who promot it raise their ugly heads. There is bigger crap on the way and the Examiner article is just the tip of the oncoming iceberg. Be on the look out for any articles using words such as "safe and effective" "Optimal levels of fluoride" and "fluorosis is merely a cosmetic problem" etc. and for anything about fluoride and fluoridation emanating from the area Primary Care Trusts, the British Fluoridation Society, the American Dental Association et al. The information is incorrect and out of date and so are the those who parrot it. If you really want up to date info on this scandal, visit the web site of the Fluoride Action Network whose link is at the bottom of this blog.

Monday, 15 December 2008

'Cumbria and Lancashire or Australia, the Lies are just the same.

More Tosh from the Chief Poisoners

I should not take too much notice of Ellis Friedman the CMO of Lancashire or whatever he calls himself. Anyone who has encountered him and his pathetic mini-powerpoint presentation on Fluoride quickly realises that although he may know a lot about the paperwork of the NHS and PCTs, when it comes to fluoride he seems to know SFA. His presentations contain no science, no useful facts and certainly no mention of the many serious diseases with which fluoride is associated nowadays. He merely waffles on as per usual about “Public Consultation process” which anyone involved in “consultation” over A and E closures knows to be a huge con not to mention an oxymoron.

The so-called "values" of fluoridation are a huge LIE made up from a rag bag of many smaller Porkies and totally out of date info which has never been tested or amended since the 1940s when this fraud was first cooked up. We can but hope that next time Friedland or any of his ilk turn up to waffle about the value of putting toxic waste in the tap water, his power point fuses leaving more time for real debate and embarrassing questions.

The British Governments of whatever persuasions, have for many years prattled on about the "Special Relationship" between the UK and the USA but anyone who has studied this knows its usually one sided and often embarrassingly so. The UK holds on to the shirt tales of the USA hoping for the occasional hand out or a bit of protection, salivating at the merest hint of encouragement, and consequently whether it be bombing brown people and stealing their oil or dumping toxic waste such as fluoride in the water, the UK either does as its told or emulates its master in the hope of a dog biscuit.

Sadly despite cries for total independence coming from Australia the Government in Oz still hangs onto British shirt tails and emulates the UK's pitiful pro-fluoride lobby, just as the UK emulates the USA. The governments merely go through the motions of consultation to give the people the impression that their views really count but of course they don't really. Out of such intellectual and political bankruptcy, Government policies are made. "Oh Brave New World that has such People in it!"

Saturday, 13 December 2008


Whether you are an environmental or health campaigner on local, National or International issues, the cost of phone calls can easily get out of hand as i know to my own cost and seldom more so than during this Credit Crunch when every penny actually saved is a victory. There are some times when a letter or even an email is not immediate enough and if you have CTS as I do, typing can be a real pain.

The Fluoride Campaign is growing daily and occasionally I have to phone people as far away as Canada, the USA and even Australia. This makes Europe look like a local call and even with the various attractive phone packages which we can get nowadays the bills can still grow alarmingly. What follows is some basic advice born of experience on reducing these costs dramatically and making your communications and campaigning easier and more effective. I apologise to those who may already know and use these methods.

A good way of staying in touch with those online without incurring this type of expense is to use alternative media such as MSN Messenger or Skype. Both these give the option of text communication in real time and also voice audio. Skype for example allows several people in widely spaced parts of the world to enjoy a conference call for free with others who have PCs or Macs. Documents and images and even audio or video files can also be exchanged at the same time merely by using drag and drop although Messenger is best and quickest for this. If you also have a cheapo web cams you can even make video calls.

Messenger and Skype are both totally free to use but Skype also has a premium VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocal) Phone Service which enables you to call other people who maybe dont even have a computer, on their ordinary phones for a fraction of the cost of normal landline calls, as also does BT Total Broadband in the UK which has its own "Softphone." Calls using these usually cost no more than one and half pence or two or three cents per minute world wide.

There are of course several other providers which give you some similar facilities, such as Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk or Pal Talk but MSN Messenger and Skype are the most popular and widely used. So, if you have an urgent need to get confirmation of some fact or figure or other overseas or simply want to give someone a thorough bollocking or just want to stay in touch, then these options might be just what you are looking for. They are mostly free and certainly easy to install and use, and even if you are not particularly computer savvy, you can always ask one of the kids and they will have it up and running for you in no time.

All you need is a PC or Mac with a sound card, Speakers or headphones and a computer mic. Some use headsets with attached microphones like they use in call centres but i prefer the mic on the desk and my hi fi speakers as this enables me to walk around the room and stretch my legs. For less than $10 you should have all you need and the world is your oyster. There's plenty of additional help and information available on the net if you have problems or you can call me on UK code, 01282-860985 or look for Brian Jackson, Lancashire, UK, on either Skype or Messenger, I might even be online right now, Good Luck.

Friday, 12 December 2008


The idiots we sometimes refer to as Politicians and/or Medical experts are about to dump toxic fluoride into the water supply of Queensland, Australia and I am sure we all must commisserate with the people there who are having this crap forced upon them despite longstanding and widespread vocal opposition. Wherever in the world we go, if they are promoting fluoridation the same lies and misinformation are being spread. There is never any science or facts of course, for if there were, fluoride would be seen for the nonsense it is and dismissed out of hand. I thank Diana Buckland of Kallangur for the info which follows and congratulate her and all her colleagues and supporters for thier work
and urge them to hang in there.
Well people you have been lied to big time - corruption and suppression of Evidence of Harm - here is a little bit of information from a flyer I put together for l page (I have huge amount of data collected all up) but the mainstream media puts a blackout on any of us talking against water fluoridation so the information doesn't get to the public, the silicofluorides put in the water supplies are S6 poisons. Here is my little info sheet:WHAT THE MEDIA REFUSE TO DISCLOSE TO ANY OF YOU (by Di Buckland) FLUORIDATION JUST SAY NO – says a Former Parliamentarian & Member of the ACT Legislative Assembly “Fluoridation Inquiry” (1989-91). The majority of inquiry members would not report the scientific, medical, dental & Court evidence received in worldwide submissions proving that fluoridation causes disease, deaths, tooth decay & is useless & environmentally destructive. 12 Reasons to reject fluoridation! ….joined by other fluoride polluting industries (e.g. nuclear) & the multi-billion dollar sugar, toothpaste, confectionery and soft drink industries, they became strong financial supporters of dental associations that promoted fluoridation.……. Click on link
DENNIS STEVENSON is a former Parliamentarian & Member of the ACT Legislative Assembly 'Fluoridation Inquiry' (1989-91). The majority of inquiry members would not report the scientific, medical, dental & court evidence received in worldwide submissions proving that fluoridation causes disease, deaths, tooth decay & is useless and environmentally destructive.
-DISGRACEFUL STATE OF TASMANIANS TEETH - TASMANIA HAS BEEN FLUORIDATED FOR OVER 50 YEARS!! “The highest levels of permanent decay experience were found in Tasmania,”(Click link for article:- POISONED BABIES VYVYAN HOWARD on Fluoride in Drinking Water DUMBING DOWN OF THE POPULATION BY DR. RUSSELL BLAYLOCK – NEUROSURGEON Joel M. Kauffman, Professor of Chemistry Emeritus at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia Professor: Hiding a Link to cancer from fluoride? THE FLUORIDE DECEPTION - 4 Fluoride and Conflict of Interest
DR. WILLIAM HIRZY - EPA - VIDEO ON WATER FLUORIDATION STATEMENT OF Dr. J. WILLIAM HIRZY - Judge Anthony Farris found: "That the artificial fluoridation may cause or contribute to the cause of cancer, genetic damage, intolerant reactions, and chronic toxicity etc……World Health Organisation – in conjunction with British Fluoridation Society & School of Public Health & School of Clinical Dentistry !!unacceptable conflict of interest Poison in your Water supplies85% of Europe have rejected & banned Water Fluoridation chemicals. Which is Sodium Silicofluoride and Hydrofluorosilic acid S6 poisons – together referred to as Silicofluorides.To join the class action against the Government to Stop the poisoning of the population with S6 poisons, silicofluorides contact The People’s Class Action Trust and request a Form letter to participate in this historic Action. http://www.peoplesclassaction.orgthe/
Government and their fluoride proponents mislead/lie about the true facts of water fluoridation, it is a human health & environmental health disaster. Just ask Tasmanians with the worst dental health in the nation and they have been fluoridated for over 50 years. Total Suppression of Evidence of Harm has always been what Governments have done about the harm done by waterfluoridation - the power of the Australian Medical Association, Australian Dental Association, also we don't like the conflict of interest with World Health Organisation and the British Fluoridation Society, certainly bring Integrity in Science into serious question.By Diana Buckland4 Mia St. Kallangur,4504 Merilyn Haines Queenslanders for Safe Water, Air & Food (incorporating Queenslanders Against Water Fluoridation)


If you have problems posting a comment on this blog, I extend my apologies and can only ask you to try again. I did try to make this blog open to all comments but as I am new to this myself. Suffice it to say that if you have a Google or Gmail account, you should be able to log on using your normal details such as name and password. I have tried this and it does seem to work. Now all I need find out is why sometimes I get paragraph breaks and sometimes I dont, Advice please if you have any.

Thursday, 11 December 2008


I was so enraged at the insulting pile of crap about fluoride and anti-fluoride campaigners that appeared in The Australian yesterday, (see previous post) that i decided to sleep on it rather than rise to the bait. I needn't of worried however. Good folk all the way from Melbourne to Bodiddlyboing Idaho rose up en masse and gave them a huge piece of their mind.
They were not at all impressed by the badly written and badly spelt ordure they had read, had noticed the lack of science, facts and balance, and, most of all, deeply resented being referred to as "Nutters". (Not that they were surprised of course) Perhaps Rupie Murdoch or whoever now owns this rag, should have a serious word with D D McNichols about the portents in the tea leaves.
All newspapers with more than two brain cells to rub together, like it or not, have to be cognisant of the increasing pressures from the Internet, Cell Phones, Blogs etc which are stealing their readers, literally in torrents. Gone are the days when the likes of Robert Maxwell could dictate the news from his own little black book of hidden agendas, and, if papers are to survive at all, they had better start taking notice of the growing competition, the shrinking advertising and the rising impatience of the public with shrink-wrapped and homogenised misinformation which the traditional media seem unable to abandon.
In the case of The Australian, they might wish to start by reading one of their own pieces written on the 15th November this year which says.....
"The more serious challenge is the complacency and condescension that festers at the heart of some newsrooms. The complacency stems from having enjoyed a monopoly and now finding they have to compete for an audience they once took for granted..... The condescension that many show their readers is an even bigger problem. It takes no special genius to point out that if you are contemptuous of your customers, you are going to have a hard time getting them to buy your product. Newspapers are no exception. "
And which "hack" wrote that you may ask? Step forward Mr Rupert Murdoch... Doh!
I am sure that you, like me, enjoy watching a bit of grovelling and large slices of humble pie being chomped from time to time and maybe it is hoping for rather a lot to expect it from The Australian but surprise, surprise, miracles do still happen, especially when the massed anti-fluoridation choir sing in close harmony. Those who still purchased the Australian the following day will no doubt enjoy this. .......
"Rarely has one paragraph brought such a flood of angry emails, most of which commented at length about the above-mentioned conspiracy. Strewth, it seems, is in league with lying dentists, politicians, newspaper editors, television news presenters and scientists, all of whom promote the addition of fluoride to water supplies while claiming it reduces tooth cavities. The truth, according to the legion of correspondents who wrote at enormous length, is that fluoride will kill us all. "
Come on Australian, Say No To Fluoride
Nuff Said ?


Something in the water
(Extract from The Australian, December 11th 2008)
WITH some diehards still hoping the fluoridisation(sic) of domestic water supplies in southeast Queensland early next year will somehow be averted, it is worth remembering what happened when Canberra was fluoridated in 1964. As Queensland Premier Anna Bligh is now aware, fluoride brings out nutters determined to prove it fades your curtains, curdles your cat and turns babies' bones to chalk. In Canberra it was the same, but with feisty Brisbane-based federal Liberal politician Jim Killen leading the anti-fluoride forces. The fight was covered closely in a short-lived tabloid edition of The Australian that Rupert Murdoch had published just for Canberra readers. The day water flowing from the Cotter Reservoir was due to be fluoridated, dozens of protesters chained themselves to the gates and refused to let workers past. "We don't give a bugger," one of the workers drawled. "We did it six months ago."

Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Demonstration in Southampton this Saturday

Meeting at the Civic Centre Art Gallery Fountain Cafe at 10 am 13th December and then walk down to the Bargate with placards and leaflets. Come along even if it is just to swell the numbers.

This really will be the last chance to do something positive to persuade the people of Southampton that they must write in to the Strategic Health Authority. It may also make people who know nothing about fluoridation (there are a lot) become aware that there is controversy about its touted benefits and if rung up and asked their opinion they may say NO to fluoridation.

Saturday, 6 December 2008

HAMPSHIRE - In fourteen days it will be too late....
If you've not made your views known to the SHA, you need to let them know by the 19th when they stop accepting correspondance.To have your say, go to
or write to Freepost Plus RRXJ-KCHJ-KUHB, Fluoridation, South Central SHA, Rivergate House, Newbury Business Park, Newbury, RG14 2PZ.

Friday, 28 November 2008


Currently only a handful of countries on this planet add fluoride to their Nations water supplies, namely the USA, Canada, Australia, and Ireland. There are an unknown number of coutries which add fluoride to an individual town or smaller community or who have naturally occuring highe levels of fluoride. The UK also adds fluoride to Birmingham, Newcastle upon Tyne and a part of Cumbria and now wishes to extend this to the whole UK population.

The American Dental Association when questioned on the total, originally claimed that 60 countries fluoridated and this was echoed by the British Fluoridation Society. When questioned about this total by the National Pure Water Association they were unable to furnish anyone with a comprehensive list. After repeated questioning however Around the year 2000 the definition of fluoridation was changed to include the countries which had naturally occuring fluoride areas. At this point its important to note that both the naturally occuring form of fluoride and the Hexafluorosilicate which they dump in the water are poisonous but the latter which is toxic waste, also contains several other important toxic residues from the industries that produce it.

At the last count, only the countries listed at the top of the page, still actually fluoridated their water and both India and China have spent a lot of time and money on removing it from naturally occuring areas where dental and skeletal fluorosis were becoming major public health problem. Its true that several countries in Europe had tried fluoridation at various times, but apart from a few small areas, all European countries have now either abandoned the practice (because of its dangers, lack of public support or lack of proof of any benefit) or rejected the idea out of hand.

Of course the UK Government, as usual, desperately hanging on to the coat tails of Americans policy, thinks it knows better and is now trying to emulate King Canute and push back the tide of opposition which is rising faster than ever. They have tried all the usual lies and phoney comparisons and statistics about tooth decay, containing the familiar catch phrases such as, "crisis in tooth decay" "only solution is fluoridation" "safe and effective" "your community has worst dental health anywhere outside of Ganymede" (surely some mistake: Ed.) whilst at the same time allowing traditional dental care to go to hell on a bike.

But at last the times are indeed a changing and only last month during the American general election, another 63 cities and communities in the USA voted to abandon or reject fluoridation, causing a bit of a panic amongst its advocates. The number of rejections might have been even higher had Afro-Americans been told that Fluoride has even greater dangers to them than it does to caucasians. In the UK however the Brown Government is now desperately turning all its big guns on Southampton and resorting to a wide variety of dirty tricks to force fluoride on an unwilling population. Hampshire Against Fluoridation has however, mounted an heroic campaign of opposition and Hampshire County Council has produced a withering report, rubbishing fluoridation from top to toe and providing excellent ammunition for future anti-fluoridation campaigns. A definate Must Read.

"But surely as many ask, the Public Consultation will deliver the correct decision won't it ?" Alas no! For a start, the so called "public Consultation" does not contain two vital elements, ie: "Public" and "Consultation." Only scholarly, qualified and professional opinions will be accepted and even councils are having a hard time being heard. This of course means that the public will have little or no say in the matter and this despite the fact that in a long line of media polls, the public voted between 80-90% against fluoridation. We should not be surprised however, the ADA and the BFS, and the Government are severely mathematically challenged so things usually dont add up. They also need a remedial reading course as words such as democracy are apparently unknown to them and even simple words register no signs of consciousness. As one frustrated Council Leader in Lancashire put it. "What part of the word NO do they not understand?"

Merely participating in the consultation process is taken to mean acceptance by the PCTs and SHAs, and the word NO is taken to mean Possibly or even Yes. Apparently there is no one at the switch board and decisions to fluoridate were taken by central government many moons ago. This is not new of course. Look at the Consultations(sic) about Post Office Closure or the Closures of Hospital A and E Units. How can we trust such people ?

So what is left to us in this War on Truth? Well, first of all there is the ballot box. Make a note of all those politicos who have voted in favour of fluridation whether they be in National, Regional or Local Government and make sure you dont vote for them ever again. Clearly they cannot be trusted. Secondly when a new candidates comes knocking on your door, whatever party they claim to represent, ask them how they stand on fluoridation and if you dont like the answer, tell them No Deal.(or words to that effect of your own choosing ) If they don't visit and just send you the usual leaflets full of party dogma, phone 'em up and ask them. Emails and letters are even better, they usually have to get off their backsides and reply to them.

If they do after all protestations add fluoride to your water, dont pay for it. They cannot really force you to pay for either polluted water or compulsory medication and you should deduct the cost of Reverse Osmosis Filters you have to buy to remove the crap, and for the bottled water you need. The Government has promised to re-imburse the Water Companies for any expense they incur, (out of your taxes of course) so don't shed any tears for them, and with the country clearly heading for a sustained recession its unlikely that HMG will be able to fulfil its hollow promise to them for very long.

Those who are really determined could also have a national whip round and take all the conspirators to court and all the way to Europe if necessary. In the meantime, keep up the campaign against fluoride, we all know its just a load of bull, and with a little bit of luck, the Credit Crunch will bite the Government so hard on its backside, it won't be able to sit down.


Saturday, 22 November 2008


Following their circulation of pictures of badly discoloured teeth caused by Dental Fluorosis, (see top right of Blog) UKCAF the United Kingdom Councils Against Fluoridation have received a communication from the Advertising Standards Authority, highlighting a complaint from the British Fluoridation Society. The pictures which are of the results of “moderate” fluorosis are well known to anyone on the fluoride trail but they seem to have come as an unpleasant surprise to the BFS.

Those in the know will tell you that dental fluorosis had been around in the UK for quite some time and since fluoridation was introduced to Ireland, its incidence there has risen quickly. In many of the fluoridated states in the USA and even in some of the unfluoridated ones where a type of fluoride occurs naturally, it's a common problem. The only temporary treatment for this complaint is a very expensive and none too comfortable process of tooth Veneering which of course is not available on the NHS but IS a nice little earner for dentists prepared to keep schtumn and toe the BFS line.

Because of its disfiguring quality it can have devastating effects on the confidence of people, especially young ones who find themselves ashamed to smile. But despite this its regarded by the promoters and advocates of fluoride as a merely “cosmetic” problem. Dr Ellis Friedman the CMO in Lancashire actually said this to me when I addressed Pendle Councils Scrutiny Committee but fortunately the Council wisely consigned fluoridation to the waste bin yet again.

Unfortunately, only a matter of hours after receiving this complaint, the UKCAF Web Site was “hacked” by persons as yet unknown. This has taken the Site off line temporarily but Doug Cross and Liz Vaughan hope to have it up and running ASAP. They are also investigating what is a criminal act of sabotage or malicious damage.

If you can help in any way, you can fortunately still contact UKCAF via email so anyone wishing to do so should write to Doug Cross at or Liz Vaughan at . Alternatively you can contact me by phone at 01282- 860985 and information will be relayed in confidence.

Why someone should want to hack a non profit making information site like UKCAF is a bit of a mystery but coming so quickly after the complaint by the BFS, and the publication of the truly excellent report by Hampshire County Council which seriously damages the future prospects of water fluoridation, speculation is already rife that the occurrences may not be entirely unrelated. Perhaps eventually we will be told.

Those out there who would like to see the new Hampshire County Council Report can still read or download it from the Hampshire Web Site here... . and in case their web site should also be attacked, I have taken the precaution of placing it on a temporary site for downloading here ...
Many thanks and greetings go to for their help.

Monday, 17 November 2008

BUY NOTHING DAY. November 29th 2008

Saturday November 29h 2008 is Buy Nothing Day, As the blurb on
their web site says "It's a day when you can challenge yourself
to switch off from shopping and tune into life." If for just one
day you can restrain the apparently hard-wired Hunter-Gatherer
instinct to trek to Sainsburys, Tesco, Walmart et al, you might
just find you have enough time and space in your life to think
about what you really need and more importantly, what you don't.
One day is not much in itself, but if enough of us try it, it
could be the start of a good habit and something truly Earth
Top of the list on this blog of course is Fluoride. I don't
need it in my toothpaste so I don't buy it and always choose
and recommend brands which are fluoride free. Unfortunately the
Government in its ignorance(sic) has become addicted to it, wants to
buy it for me and as I certainly don't want or need it in my drinking
water I am literally forced to fight them Tooth and Nail for
what should be a fundamental Human Right, IE; Pure drinking

Governments of all persuasions have spent whatsometimes seems
like millions of years telling us of the importance of “Consumer
Choice” for us all but despite this, it now wishes to compel
every man woman and child to drink toxic waste such
as Fluorosilisic acid. This is not merely
unacceptable but in my book is tantamount to State Sponsored
Terrorism. Governments of all persuasions, have learned how to
talk the talk effectively, but this is simply not good enough
when they are literally shoplifting our democracy.
Maybe just maybe, if enough of us "celebrate" Buy Nothing Day,
it might even catch on with the Government and then they can have
their own Buy Nothing Day. After all they are certainly wasting
our money on buying into a lot of crap which none of us
want or need and though in the case of policies these may be
Second Hand American ones, they are still crap. Now that
suitable Landfill sites are likely to run out in less than five years, surely it
it is time to call a halt.
So, if your actually listening HMG, after you have abandoned
fluoride in favour of more dentists, here's my short list of other
things not to buy neither on Saturday the 29th, November or any
other time.
Firstly, another runway for Heathrow? you must be
joking, hows that going to reduce congestion or pollution. Der!!!
Secondly, GM Crops: they are counter-productive and potentially
very dangerous, will line the pockets of Companies like
Monsanto and Dupont and will not help feed the world.
Thirdly, ID Cards and Biometric Passports, these are a total waste of time money and oil based plastic. They won't stem illegal immigration,
terrorism or fraud and come to think of it, if I was a criminal I would be in favour of them of course because it would make life easier.
Fourthly, CCTV. Isn't there enough dreadful reality TV as it is?
And anyway, why don't you keep your nose out of my business and
then I won't have to pry into yours?? A Government that hopes for
trustworthy and conscientious citizens will never inspire trust
when it shows us so little.
Fifthly, Bio-Fuels. Burning food
crops is clearly madness. If they really want bio-fuels and
biomass energy, choose a really useful and efficient crop such
as Hemp which will grow practically anywhere.
And last but not least, Nuclear Power. Maybe this should be number one, after all its not safe, not clean, not green and not sustainable, and producing nuclear waste shows scant regard for future generations and only appeals to brain donees who think nuclear sites are not terrorist risks. Perhaps the lunatics will put it in the water supply with the fluoride? Why not choose Tidal Turbines instead? I am reliably informed that the Moon has no intention of stopping its orbit of the earth.
(And please, don't get me started on SUV's. )

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Say No To Fluoride - Flat Earth Award

Hidden amidst the excitement of last weeks' Historic Presidential Election in the USA was some other excellent news, much of it from the State of Nebraska. Up to 53 Towns and Cities there voted to discontinue or abandon the prospect of water fluoridation and at the time of writing, additional "NO" votes in other states are still coming in. We on the anti-fluoridation campaigns applaud these results as victories for common sense, democracy and long overdue. They are certainly a strong indication of the growth of opposition to fluoride.
Of course there are many who stand to lose from the abandonment of fluoridation but few can be so vociferous and jingoistic as D.J. Gongol and Associates, Inc. of Des Moines, Iowa, USA, who write what follows in their publication Water and Waste water News, under the headline "Fluoride defeats are unfortunate news" ..."Voters in Grand Island, Hastings, North Platte and Sutherland rejected measures to introduce fluoride to their drinking water supplies on Election Day last week. Unfortunately, the anti-fluoride movement is bolstered by anecdotes that make dubious and misleading claims about the safety of fluoride which has been shown repeatedly by scientific study to be safe and overwhelmingly effective at dramatically reducing the incidence of tooth decay. "
"Fluoride occurs naturally in many water supplies, so whether its naturally present or added at the water treatment plant, we recommend the use of fluoride monitors to ensure that fluoride levels are maintained in the safest range."
The use of terms such as safe or effective enables us to easily carbon-date the original text from which this was plucked, to around the end of World War 2. But, the addition of adjectival hyperbole such as overwhelmingly effective (sic) and better yet, “dramatically reducing the incidence of tooth decay” elevate this otherwise merely inaccurate and repetitive tosh, to truly epic proportions worthy of Cecil B DeMille.
Consequently I have no hesitation in awarding them the Say No To Fluoride Flat Earth Award for Uninformed Nonsense. Additional marks were awarded for scarcity of facts and a total absense of science. (If you wish to make other nominations for this prestigious award please let us know.)
At the end of the piece, we are encouraged by ... “feel free to contact us with your questions” but fortunately, after a great deal of effort, I was able to resist this temptation. However, should anyone out there feel unable to resist, there is little I can do to prevent it. Those of you who find any of the above difficult to believe can read the original text at this address. When we are confronted by such Titans of Spin, our eventual victory over the Fluoridistas seems assured.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008


The British Government has decided that rather than spend a few million £'s to provide more dentists and oral hygiene education, it will instead spend hundreds of millions of £'s of our taxes on adding fluoride to our drinking water. Once upon a time it was believed that fluoride would protect teeth but that was long ago and recent research has shown that not only does it not give significant protection to teeth but rather damages them. To make matters much worse, research from the USA, Canada, India and China has found fluoride to be implicated in a wide variety of dangerous and even deadly side effects and chronic illnesses.
This blog is intended to be a central point at which members of all anti-fluoride and fluoridation groups and individuals whether locally, regionally, Nationally, or Internationally can meet, post ideas and share and debate information. As it develops it is hoped to be a portal to all aligned groups and organisations and provide links and addresses. Sometimes when you are trying to fight pernicious chemicals and their promoters you may begin to feel isolated and ineffective, but blogs like this can remind you that there are thousands of people out there who share your concerns. The Truth is out there and here we can share it.
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