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FAN Bulletin 2000: Mildura, 'the little town that roared' needs your helpDecember 2009Mildura, 'the little town that roared'In a press release issued yesterday fluoridation fighters in Mildura, Australia sent a letter signed by fluoridation activists and several scientists from around the world, calling for the resignation of Dr. John Carnie, the Chief Health Officer for Victoria. Dr Carnie continues to force fluoridation on communities without giving them any opportunity to vote on the matter; without willing to debate the issue in public and without answering basic questions submitted to him in writing by 20 professionals. This is how you can help this effort. We want authorities in Victoria to know that the whole world is watching how they deal with this situation, so please consider adding your name to the letter sent to the Victorian Health Minister yesterday, details below. He will keep receiving copies of this letter with the new names added.


To sign on to this letter please send your name, town/city and country and a one sentence description of who you are to me at and also state in the email that you want to be a signee of the letter. Daniel will be forwarding your names to the Victorian Health Minister and I will be keeping count this end so that I can share progress reports with you.

Updates showing the number of signees can be found on
Thank you in anticipation of your support.
Paul Connett-------------------------------Demand for Dr. Carnie's resignation

Press Release - Friday, December 4, 2009
The Anti-Fluoridation Association of Mildura, along with other Victorian safe water groups, and a number of health and scientific professionals, are calling for the resignation of Dr. John Carnie, Victoria's Chief Health Officer. The call comes as community discontent with the Government's mandatory fluoridation policy grows.Today, the following letter was sent to Victoria's Health Minister, Daniel Andrews.

Dear Minister Andrews,
We are outraged by your government's continued efforts to force fluoridation on communities without giving citizens a chance to vote on the matter. In this matter the behaviour of Dr. John Carnie has gone beyond anything one would expect or should tolerate from a civil servant. Let us explain.Most recently Dr. Carnie's refusal to respond to the basic questions put to him by a number of Australian and international health and scientific professionals, in line with his "no debate policy," has outraged many in Mildura and around the world.While Dr. Carnie may truly and honestly believe that fluoridation is safe and effective, public health policy needs to be more than a belief system. It needs to be supported by honest and accurate science that can be defended when challenged.

Dr. Carnie has:a) made statements to the public which are inaccurate as well as others which are biased and misleading (see attachment 1)b) refused to defend his beliefs in public debate (see attachment 2)c) failed to answer direct questions addressed to him by Australian and international experts (see attachment 3).Despite this he is still prepared to force this measure on communities, even when a sizeable number of people in those communities, who have researched this issue for themselves, have made it clear that they do not want to be forced to drink fluoridated water. The only way to determine whether such resistance to this measure is coming from a minority of the population or a majority is to give the electorate of each community the chance to vote on the matter. But this opportunity has again been denied to them by Dr. Carnie.

This is a blatant example of the "arrogance of power."When politicians behave in this way, at least the electorate has a chance to make their feelings known at the next election, but Dr. Carnie is not a politician but a civil servant making his arrogance immune from normal democratic processes.

The only alternative for those who believe that Dr. Carnie is failing in his job to protect the health of the people, as exemplified by his unwillingness to answer basic questions on a practice he is prepared to force on them, is to seek his resignation. What other recourse do citizens have when their democratic rights are denied?Thus, we call upon the Minister to set in motion proceedings which will examine this complaint and if he feels that it has merits to remove Dr. Carnie from his position forthwith.We would add that this issue goes well beyond the dangers posed by fluoridation. If it becomes clear - as it has in this case - that public health policies are not based on sound science that can be defended in public and in writing -it will erode the public's trust in the institutions set up - at their expense - to protect their health and the environment.

The loss of that trust threatens our society in many ways and should not be taken lightly by the politicians running Victoria.As you will note from the signatures below, this issue is receiving attention well beyond Victoria and the shores of Australia. We expect the worldwide attention to grow as the shocking behaviour of Dr. Carnie is revealed to a larger audience. As Martin Luther King Jr once said, "injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere."We look forward to hearing your swift response to this complaint.Sincerely,